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Thursday, February 19, 2009


I think I'm in over my head.
I decided this year that I want to start a team for Relay for Life to raise money for cancer research & education.
I've wanted to do it in the past 5 years but I didn't know anyone that was doing it, I still don't.

This year I decided to just find out the information myself & start my own team.
Yes I think I'm crazy, who does this when they have 2 almost 2 year olds & one on the way?
I guess that would be me.
I'm trying to take charge & do something good.

Have any of you ever done this program or ever heard of it?
If so please help me!!!

I need good DEPENDABLE people to join my team as members or support walkers.
Team members help me raise money & do fund raisers etc. and are 100% invested in the walk as well.
The support walkers are ones who also can help with raising money but they are mostly support walkers on the day of the relay.

The Relay is at Roy High School June 19th and is a 24 hour long walk to raise money for cancer research & education.
One team member or support walker has to be on the track at all times so you do get a break you don't have to walk for 24 hours straight unless you want to.

I will be taking turns as I will be like 7 months pregnant.
We will have a camp site for tents etc for those that want to stay over night.
There is entertainment & activities that will be going on around the clock & a ton of food I'm told.
Everyone that I have talked to so far says that it is a blast & that you will want to do it every year.

So I need team members, support walkers & PLEASE any ideas on fund raisers or ways to raise money that you have.

Get your creative juices going & please help me out.
If you want more info please email me at
Thank you!!!

Blogging Slump.....

I've been in a blogging slump for awhile now.
I just feel like I have nothing important or interesting to say these days.
That or I have a good idea, but I forget it before I can blog about it.

I'm so sick of winter, the snow and gray sky's.
I need some sunshine & warm weather.
I need spring & summer.

I think I need a vacation where it's warm & I can wear shorts & lay by the pool.
Is anyone else feeling this way?

Please tell me I'm not alone!!!

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