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Tuesday, March 31, 2009

The "R" Word.

I would like to thank my friend Tara over at her very special site Kidz for bringing this movement that has been started by the Special Olympics to my attention.
If you have never been to her site you Must go & check it out.
You will leave a better person for sure!

RESPECT is  exactly what they deserve from each & every one of us!

Please let's all stop & think before we speak, we are all human beings & sons & daughters of our Heavenly Father.

"Do unto others as ye would have them do unto you!"

In my own personal opinion We are not the special ones they are, they are far more spiritual and loving than any others that I have ever met.
I know that they all hold a special place in heaven & that they are very remarkable people.

Let's spread the word 
to end the word!

STUPID SNOW!!!!!!!!!

I am so sick of the cold & the snow I could scream!
I'm sick of being stuck in the house with 2 toddlers that want nothing more than to be outside kicking balls or jumping on the tramp!
Where is the sun & the warm?
Are we ever going to see it again???

I want to go to the park & get out of the house I'm tired of being locked up inside!!!


Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Movie Trivia Time.

My friend Ashley did this game on her blog & I thought it was fun.

So I'm doing it here on mine.

What you need to do is guess from my quote what movie it is.
tell me in my comments & I will post the ones that you've all guessed right.
Please no cheating & have fun!!!

These are my picks in no particular order.

1. So what happens after he climbs up & rescues her? Pretty Woman.

2. So it's not gonna be easy.  It's gonna be really hard; we're gonna have to work at this everyday, but I want to do that because I want you.  I want all of you, forever, everyday you & me......everyday. The Notebook.

3. You're the 1st boy I ever kissed Jake & I want you to be the last. Sweet Home Alabama.

4. Your scent, it's like a drug to me.  You're like my own personal brand of heroin. Twilight.

5. We have pictures of you so called mooners.  And just because those pictures aren't of your faces, doesn't mean we can't identify you. Grease.

6. I'm taking this Love Fern with me. How to loose a guy in 10 days.

7. Every man has the ability to sweep any woman off her feet, he just has to have the right broom. Hitch.

8. Why didn't you go home?  That's your home are you to good for your home? Happy Gilmore.

9. Jamie saved my life, I'll always miss her.  Her love is like the wind I can't see it, but I can feel it.  A walk to remember.

10. Ring , Ring!  Who's there? Destiny?  I've been expecting your call. Bolt.

11. Natures first green is gold, her hardest hue to hold.  Her early leaf's a flower, but only so an hour.  Then leaf subsides to leaf, so eden sank to grief.  So dawn goes down today, nothing gold can stay. The Outsiders.

12. Assssssss Youuuuuuuu Wishhhhhhhhhh!!!!! Princess Bride.

13. Fear can hold you prisoner, Hope can set you free. The Shaw Shank Redemption.

14. A woman's heart is a deep ocean of secrets.  But now you all know there was a man named Jack Dawson & that he saved me, in every way that a person can be saved. Titanic.

15. May the force be with you. Star Wars.

16. A man who wouldn't cheat for a poke don't want one bad enough. Lonesome Dove.

17. The next time I have to come in here, I'm crackin skulls. The Breakfast Club.

18.  Stupid is as Stupid does. Forest Gump.

19. There's nothing more toxic than a human child.  A single touch could kill you. Monsters Inc.

20. I'm gonna do my kind of dancing with a great partner who's not only a terrific dancer, but somebody who's taught me that there are people willing to stand up for other people no matter what it cost's them.  Somebody who's taught me about the kinda person I wanna be. Dirty Dancing.

If you wanna play along on your blog.
1st ~ Pick 20 of your favorite movies
2nd ~ Go to IMBD & find a quote from each movie
3rd ~ Post them for everyone to see.
Simple & Fun!!!

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

IT'S A.........

Today I went to see the Perinatologist to make sure that me & the baby were both ok & doing well.
Because of my age I am considered a high risk pregnancy.

Everything is great with both of us.
The placenta looks great & is in the best place you could ask for.
The baby's has 2 kidneys & they are both functioning normal, 4 chambers in the heart & they all look great.  The heart beat was 144 right where they want it to be.
Stomach, head, belly Etc. all look great.
Babies little face is adorable & everything looks great.

So I don't have to go back again until I'm 30 weeks to do a check up on my placenta, or if my Dr. chooses he can do it in his office & I don't have to go back at all unless something happens.
I don't plan on anything happening, but you never know.

Here are a few pictures that we got today.

This is a picture of the baby's arm & hand.

This is the baby's 2 legs with the feet crossed at ankles.

These are the babies little feet & toes.

Cute little toes.

Oh & I guess that most of you are probably wanting to know what we're having....


Well we won't really have to but anything!

Sunday, March 22, 2009

The Zoo

Yesterday we took the boys to the Zoo.
It was really windy but we thought we would go anyway & hoped that it would die down or not be as windy at the Zoo.

It was a beautiful day the weather was 71 degrees & it turned out to be a perfect day for the Zoo.

We took the boys last summer, but they were still to little they didn't really care about the animals.

But this year was totally different they know all there animals & the sounds that they make so they had so much fun & so did big brother, mom & dad!

You know I couldn't go to the Zoo & not take pictures so here you go Enjoy!!!

Looking at the Monkeys!!!
"The ones in the cage!!!"
Playing on the Gorilla!

Gage watching the Elephant.

Kelton playing on the stairs instead of watching Elephant.

I had to take a million different shots to get them all looking at the camera.
To bad I couldn't get them all looking at the same time!

We all had a good time & I'm so glad that big brother Cody wanted to go with us!!!

Thursday, March 19, 2009

My boys are bigger than I thought.

So I put the boys down for a nap today & as I'm waiting for them to settle down & fall asleep I hear this "Clink, Clink" sound.

My first though is that they are playing with something glass, but what in there room would they be playing with that's glass?

My second thought is that they have taken my  2 pamperd chef 4oz. measuring cups & snuck them into there room.

My third thought was "The little stinks!" 

I open there door & flip on the light & no Boys!!!

I look all around there room & then I hear them....

I realize they are on the top bunk of there bunk beds & are clanking the hanging lights together!!!

I intentionally didn't put the ladder up for that reason.

They are still small enough that they both fit on the bottom bunk, one on each end
so I don't use the top bunk right now.

At first I couldn't figure out how they got up there, then I realized they had climbed up on the little book shelf thing I had standing at the end of the bed & it was tall enough to get them to the top bunk & they climbed over the end onto the top.

Needless to say the bookshelf isn't at the end of there bed anymore!!!

Little Stinks!!!

Tuesday, March 17, 2009


Kelton just said the cutest thing I have to write about it so I can alway remember it.

That is of course the main reason I started this blog.

A little background first though.
My little man is obsessed with eyes he's always showing you his or yours & when he gets a stuffed animal that's the first thing he says "Eye".

I bet he says it at least 50 times a day. 
It's so cute he draws it out Eyeeeee.

Anyway I was washing there bedding & they have feather pillows so of course until I drag the vacuum out we have a few stray feathers around.

Whenever I find a feather I tickle the boys with it & say "tickle tickle tickle"
you know the usual.

Well Kelton found a feather & he comes running into me & is tickling his face with it & then has to tickle his brother with it.

Then he proceeds to point at it & say Eyeeeeee.
I explained to him that feathers don't have eyes & he looks at me,
points at the feather & says Eyeeeee.

He is just so dang cute & I love that they are starting to talk so much now.
Momma Loves you Kelton!!!

Monday, March 16, 2009

Boys Art.

This post is pretty much just for my own benefit.
I love to keep things that my children have done, made or given to me, but as most of you know you just can't keep everything.

So my idea is to start scanning & posting my little ones pictures etc.
This way I can always have them & not have all the collections of papers etc.

Here is the boys pictures they did in church last sunday.

They are so cute to me!!!

Here are there pictures from church yesterday.

I think it will be fun watching them improve as they get older.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Play Dough

Hey everyone.....
I'm looking for a good easy homemade recipe for Play Dough.

Keep in mind my boys are just about 2 so you know some will end up in there mouths.

Please let me know if any of you know of one or where to find one.


Tuesday, March 10, 2009

I need some help!

Ok besides the obvious!!!

I am looking for a 36 piece 1/8 inch Steel Stamping Set it looks like this (or one like it).

If anyone out there knows where I can find one please let me know.
I called Harbor  Freight & they are sold out & the ware house is on back order so they won't have them for awhile.
Thank you for any help that you can give me!!!

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

The Wonders.

I was sitting on the couch today watching my boys play & a thought came into my head.
I am so lucky to be able to stay home with them & watch them grow.

It amazes me how much they learn every day.
The wind was blowing pretty hard & I had the front door open "to let the sunshine in"
the wind was whistling through the screen & Gage was amazed by the sound that it was making.
I watched him walk over very carefully about 2 feet away from the screen.
He was listening very intently as the sound would come & go.

Then he came running over to me & started making a sound like the wind & pointing at the door.
I said yes that's the wind making that noise huh.
He ran back over to the door & listened some more & would come & tell me when it would do it again.

This isn't anything amazing on most levels by any means, but to a momma these are the moments that we cherish.
And I am so great full that I get to be home with them to watch all of these little things happen that don't mean much to others, but they mean so much to me.

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