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Saturday, May 31, 2008

Busy Day!

I decided to have a garage sale a few days ago so I called my sister & a few cousins to see if they wanted to do it with me.
I live on a main road in Roy so we get a lot of traffic which means that we don't have to put up signs or advertise which is really nice.
My sister came up with a couple of her friends & my cousins friend Tif came out also.
My whole front yard & drive way was covered, we had a lot of Junk (Sorry Treasures!)
We started setting up at 6:30 and finished around 1:00.
We had a ton of people show up.
 My sisters friend erin raked in the dough.
She had a ton of baby girl clothes 0-24 months and I bet at least 1/2 of them still had the tags on them.
Most of her clothes were from places like Old Navy, The Children's Place, & the Gap.
(You know the little bit more expensive stores).
She had such cute stuff I think she made just a little over $400.00 just on her clothes.
It was fun to just hang out with the girls and catch a tan (Sorry a Sunburn)
(I guess I didn't pay very good attention to Are you serious's blog posting on her garage sale sunburn).
We had a good time anyways, & I made a couple hundred  =)
(Bonnie I couldn't sell your dad anything).

I tried to take a nap when it was all over & cleaned up but those of you with babies know that wasn't happening.  Especially with twins.
So I decided to grab my sweet husband and the boys and go for a walk up at Bues's pond to feed the ducks.
This was a first for the boys and they were mesmerized by the ducks swimming & quaking all over the place.

They were so cute just watching them.
There is nothing like a childs first experience...
Here are some fun pics of our fun little walk.

Little man has had a bad day today & just wanted to be held.
He wouldn't let us get any pictures of him without him crying.
Most the pictures are of my big man Gage.

3 of the 4 men in my life.
I had to do some bunny hops to get little man laughing for this picture.

 By the time we left the boy's were tuckered out!

My Cute Little Men!!!

Friday, May 30, 2008

=) Kami's Graduation!!! =)

Today was a good day!!!

I went to my adopted daughter Kami's High School Graduation.
(She's adopted through being best friends with my daughter Courtnie)
She is such a cute girl I Love her & am very Proud of her!!!
She went to Northridge High School (Davis County, Ut)
& She played on there Basketball team.
She & Courtnie Met about a year ago when Courtnie started working at Kents grocery store.
Kami was already working there at the time.
The 2 of them became fast friends & have been pretty much inseparable ever since.

They were destined to become friends, they are so much alike it's not funny!!!
kami is a little blond girl that likes to dye her hair dark brown & a few weeks before Court started at Kents she decided that she was going to dye her blond hair dark brown.
Just a coincidence?
I think not!!!
They both like boys shorts better than girls shorts, they say they fit more comfortably.
(I have no problem with this, they aren't wearing those BOOTY shorts)
They are both completely into sports and are Tom Boys
(At least they look like girls though)
They were just ment to be friends.
They get asked a lot if they are sisters or twins.

Courtnie & Kami

Me & My Adopted Daughter Kami

Me, Kami & My Cute Mom 
(Kami is  an adopted grand daughter also)

Food Storage.

Ok a quick post here about food storage....

Stop your groaning!!!
If your at all like me it's something that you want to do, know you need to do, but don't even know where to start, OR... your not a very good at the rotation thing (like myself) & are on a limited budget!!! 

Well I've found something that will help.
It's a company called Daily Bread.
I'm not going to try & go into full details at this time as I'm not an expert on it.
I let the sales rep. (Seth, really nice kid) come & give me the 15 min spill
(my sister gave him my name & number)
~Which reminds me Bonnie & Kelsey watch for your call~

Anyway...I also got to try a free sample of there stroganoff 
i was prepared for it to taste like an MRE, you know worse than DIRT!
But I was really shocked it was really good, the boys chowed down on it
(Of course I know they're boy's  & they'll eat anything) 
But they ate the whole bowl mushrooms & all.
Any way we finally started our food storage. =)
I've still got a lot to learn but it's a start.

If your interested in this company there website is
you can sign up for a free sample to be mailed to your house if you want to try it.
Just thought I would pass on this info I have not ever heard of this company before.

And if you all have any good ideas or suggestions for me PLEASE, PLEASE let me have them!!!

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Truly Touching Video

I was visiting a blog today & found this video site.
This video is about a down syndrome bagger and
how he made a difference by giving of his heart.
We REALLY need to watch & learn from the 
disabled.  (I wonder a lot of the time if it's not them that
are normal & it's the rest of us that are the disabled).
This video will bring a lump to your throat 
(and if your like me you will cry).
It really makes you stop and think, think about 
the things & people that are important to your life.
It made me ponder on if I am doing all I can to make 
a difference & what I can do differently.

Sunday, May 25, 2008

Serious Aggravation.

(I was gonna post this yesterday but I got sick & I wanted to add a pic).
Ever since the boys got mobile I always have the best intention of going to church & staying there for all my classes.
But like today for instance we made it until just after sacrament and we(husband & I) had to take the boys out in the hall because they are just to noisy (we always sit in the back overflow) and they like to be social with everyone around us, I know this probably doesn't really bother everyone else as much as it bothers me but I feel like we're disrupting the entire ward.
So we make it through sacrament (out in the hall, thank goodness for the speakers) and head to sunday school.  We'll the class is so small & we're so cramped in there that after a few attempts at that we don't even try unless grandpa is visiting our ward (he's on the high counsel) he helps out & the boys will usually sit & play with him.  
Today I knew better than to even try they were both wanting to be down & on the go.  So needless to say after fighting with them in the hall some more and the fact that it was nap time & they'll only sleep in there beds, (which is a good thing when we're home but makes it hard for naps on the go) we just decided to come home and put them down.  I really wish that they would do sunday school 2nd and relief society 1st I really love relief society but by that time the boys are usually done & I end up leaving half way through. 
So does anyone have any suggestions or any helpful advice?
I would really like to go to church & actually be able to sit & enjoy all my classes & sacrament.
I'm exhausted right now.

Saturday, May 24, 2008

my 20th HiGh ScHoOl ReUnIoN is this year!!! (OUCH)

Ok I am so old!!!
My 20 year high school Reunion is in Aug.
I can't believe that I'm almost the big "40" (Well I still have 2 years, but I'm closer to 40 than 35)'s ok because I don't feel that old (I think having a younger husband helps some).
Well anyways I was looking through old pics to use in my dad's fathers day video and I came across some of my good old friends.....Our Little GaNg if you will.
Soooooooooo Of Course I have to share some of them. 
BUT.....YOU have to promise not to laugh at us!!!

Top Row left to right ~ Chrystal McCloy (Zueck), Tonia wright (Heseltine) & Stephanie Holbrook (Boehme).
Bottom left to right ~ Bonnie Bardwell (Childress), Theresa Fojtek (Wilcox) & "Me" Tina Burroughs (Wright)

I know you want to, just remember it was 1988!!!
My friends all look normal then there is me. 
I was going through the "I don't want to look like everyone else" Phase.
I think I get better with age.
Here are some more pics to enjoy at my friends expense!!!

Oh the good old days of High School......
Playin' steal the flag, jumpin the tracks on 6000, getting kicked out of Peter Piper Pizza, snackin' at good old corner 44.
Sluffin' almost daily (it's amazing we all graduated), just hangin out being good friends.  There's nothing like those day's!!!

Friday, May 23, 2008

Grandma & Grandpa Ray

Since it's Memorial Weekend I would like to do a little tribute to my Grandpa & Grandma Ray (Grandma Lola & Grandpa Don).
My Mom's Parents.

Young & in Love.

They are so Cute.
Wedding Bells.

This picture was taken at there 50th Wedding Anniversary Party.
They are just so cute and so sweet.

They're professional 50th Anniversary Picture.

This picture was taken not long before my Grandpa passed away he loved to work out in his yard and that's where you would usually find him.
Some fun memories of him are:
Tickling his back for a Quarter (that was big money back in the day)
or walking on his back.  
I remember him having a big bag of salted peanuts that you had to shell yourself.
He loved the babies and loved to cuddle & nap with them.
I remember him always working on some ones car that needed to be fixed or tuned up.
He almost always had a toothpick or a wood match in his mouth.
Poor Grandpa ALWAYS got picked on, we would curl his hair, put makeup on him, put medicine cups (like off cough med) on his ears or those old pony tail holders with the balls on the end of them, we'd bend his ears together & put them on.
He took a lot of teasing & crap but he never got mad at us.
The one thing I will always remember is his SMILE.

This is my sweet Grandma.
The things I remember the most about her are:
Her cooking, nothing tastes like Grandma's cooking.
If it wasn't for her I wouldn't know how to cook.
She taught me that dill pickles are really good in scrambled eggs.
(Before you get all grossed out you better try it!)
She taught me to cross stitch & tried to teach me how to make dish rags, but I never really got that one it was easier to just have her make them for me.
Sometimes she was the instigator for the punishment Grandpa took from us.
I remember her helping me get my 1st job at 15  working with her at a convenient store (Good old Corner 44) we had a lot of fun there.
She was a strong Lady and a honest Lady, she taught me to just be me & nothing else matters.
The one thing I will remember the most about her is her HEART.

(From left to right ~ Aunt Janet, Aunt Jeanie, Uncle Brent, Uncle Don, (Mom) Susan & Aunt Linda.
They may be gone now but never forgotten they leave behind them a LEGACY.....A  STRONG FAMILY!!! 
Because of them we have these very special people in all of our lives to guide and teach us what they were taught, it doesn't get better than that!!!
They leave behind 25 Grand Kids & 38 Great Grand Kids.
No Great Greats yet...(Thank goodness since mine are the oldest & old enough right now, I'm just not ready to be a Grandma yet!! (SHIVER & CHILLS).
They may be gone from our eyes but they will never be gone from our hearts & our memories.
I will see you again someday until then I Love You Grandma & Grandpa!!! 

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

FuN iN ThE SuN!!!

It was so HoT yesterday!!!
I decided to get the boys little pool land thing that Aunt Jo Jo got them for their birthday out so they could play in the water.
I went out early in the morning & set it up & filled it with water so that it could sit out & get warmed by the sun.
As son as Gage saw it he was in it, Kelton went in & came right back out.
He sat on the blanket with me for awhile & watched brother play.
Soon he realized that brother was having fun so he would try again.
This time he stayed in.
That was until I turned the hose on, the little yellow ring that goes around the outside has little holes in it & sprays out arches of water.
They were immediately out & crying, so I shut the water off & after a little lovin' they ran off to play in it again.

After a little while I tried the water again and this time they must have been hot enough because they didn't care.  (I didn't turn it up very high though).
It's a good thing that I had the hose hooked up to house because Gage found himself a drinking fountain.
He is the SiLlIeSt kid.
They wore themselves out playin' in the water & sun!!!

Sunday, May 18, 2008

Going Away BBQ

Today we had a BBQ for my Dad, Step Mom & Grandpa T.
They are moving to Wisconsin so we had a going away BBQ for them.
We had a lot of fun my family loves to play volleyball so of course the net had to go up.
We had lots of good food & good times talking with each other & hanging out.
I Love my FAMILY!!!

Here are some Random pics of everyone playin' Volleyball.

They are all so CUTE!!!
This is my Cute Little Grandpa!!!
Me and my Dad....Do you think we look alike?
Some Pictures of the Boys...
They pulled the tomatoes off the table...Yummy!!!

~They see me Rollin ~ 
~They Hatin ~ Patrolling  tryin to catch me Ridin Dirty...~

We Broke Down, Gotta Push!!!
"What good are older cousins if you can't get them to help?"

Time To........
Teeter Totter!!!
& Swing
Swing, Swing!!!
And for Gage....
Get as dirty as he can!!!
(Kelton didn't really like the sand box).
But it's OK!!!

Because he Cleaned Himself up in aunt Kristen's Waterfall.
I'm tellin ya this kid Loves the water I'm in TROUBLE!!!

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My Favorite 5

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