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Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Vampilla Ice Ice Baby.

I found this video on Amy's blog that I stalk.
It is to funny & cute not to share.
This one is for all of my Twilight Lovers out there Enjoy!

Monday, September 22, 2008

Please Vote for Kaylee!!!

Hi everyone I have a REALLY cute cousin that is pregnant with her 1st baby.
Her sweet husband entered her in a local radio contest (97.1 ZHT) called 
baby bump watch.
The winner gets a free Baby Babinski Nursery valued at $2000.00.

I would really like to see her win so I/We need all the help we can get.
Please go HERE to vote for her.

Click the "Vote Now" button it should load a page with a bunch of entry #'s.
She is #166, after you click on her entry # it makes you enter your email to validate your vote, so when you receive an email from them you click a link within the email to submit your vote & your done.

It sounds a lot more confusing than it actually is.
Please help us out so she can win an awesome nursery.
She deserves it!!!

She is 25 weeks in this picture.
She's due Jan 3 2009.
Is she not the cutest pregnant woman!!!

Sunday, September 21, 2008

I've Been Tagged!

I've been Tagged by my Sister in-law Jen.
So here goes.....

3 Joys:

1. My Husband & kids.
2. The silence at the end of a day with twin boys running a muck.
3. A day at the Spa.

3 Fears:

1. Losing my kids, husband, or family.
2. My kids not needing me anymore now that they are teenagers & know everything.
3. Failing as a mother.

3 Obsessions/Collections:

1. Scrap booking supplies
2. My weight.
3. Taking pictures of my kids.

3 Surprising Facts:

1. I like to write children's stories
2. I've lived in Las Vegas
3. I used to teach pre school (3 year olds).

I hope you all enjoyed that.
At this time I would like to tag.....

Saturday, September 20, 2008


My Girls Tiffany & Heather 
over at SITS have another fun contest going on.
If you go & enter you have a chance to win this......

No silly not the adorable little girl!!!
The adorable little blankie!

Star Looks Boutique has offered up there 
Ally Zabba Blanket as a prize.
What little one wouldn't be happy draggin that soft
blankie around?

I need the pink one, because I know that the next little one
I have is going to be a little girl.

So Please go enter if you have a need for this blanket,
IF you don't have a need for this blankie then you could always 
go enter & give it to me if you win =)!!!

So if your interested go HERE to find out what you have to do to win!!!

Friday, September 19, 2008

Please Help Our Children!

I was watching an Oprah show this morning that I had recorded this week
I'm not sure which day it aired but it shook me to the core.
It was on child predators & pornography.
The show hit a nerve in me as well as millions of others I'm sure.

Hundreds of thousands of children are victims of sexual abuse each year. 
Due to the sheer lack of resources, law enforcement is unable to follow up on the majority of leads they have.

The "PROTECT Our Children Act" will:

Authorize over $320 million over the next five years in desperately needed funding for law enforcement to investigate child exploitation.

Mandate that child rescue be a top priority for law enforcement receiving federal funding.

Allocate funds for high-tech computer software that can track down internet predators.

We as mother, sister, daughter etc. need to make a stand & we need to write, call & email our Senators letting them know that they need to Pass Senate Bill 1738- The PROTECT Our Children Act!

I have already emailed my senators letting them know my stand on this issue please join me in PROTECTING our children & all children of our world.

Please Go HERE for more information & how to get ahold of your Senators.
Please lets not let our children & our children's children down.
This bill needs to be passed.

We only have until Sept 26th of this year to let ourselves be heard so Please don't procrastinate this one or assume that someone else will do it.

To make a change we all need to be heard.

Monday, September 15, 2008

I'm Saucy!!!

My Blog is Saucy!!!
I am the Featured Blog today on SITS if you aren't aware of this amazing sisterhood site then you are REALLY missing out.
You need to hurry on over & check them out GO HERE tell them I sent you & have a good time!

But back to me now because it is my day after all.
I would like to say HI to all of you SITSas out there & welcome you to my site.
Please make yourself at home, wander around get comfy, please watch out for all of the toys on the floor & thrown down the stairs as that's where my little ones prefer them as to the toy box where they belong.
I am a SAHM of a 16 year old Daughter, 13 year old Son & 16 month old Twin Boys!
My life couldn't be Happier than it is now!!!

Hair cuts & Petting Zoo!

Hey everyone the boys had a busy day this last friday.

Little man (Kelton) got his 2nd hair cut & Big man (Gage) got his 1st hair cut.
They were so good and look so cute.
I thought for sure Gage would be an animal 
(Anyone who knows him can probably understand why)
But he was so good he didn't cry or fuss & he didn't even squirm very much.
They look so cute, but they look like little boy's instead of my babies.
I'm just not ready for them to grow up yet.

They are so cute & so much fun!!!
I can't begin to tell you how much fun I have had with these boys.

Since the boys were so good for their hair cuts we took them to Gardner Village for some fun at the Petting Zoo & a Pony Ride.

Gage loved the horses when he could just pet them, but he wasn't to sure about them when he was sitting on one.
He cried & wanted off the last time around.

Kelton was fine once I gave him back his binkie.
(Oh & don't worry we, husband & I walked right next to them holding onto them the whole time).  
I didn't just chuck them on & say hold on!

Petting the Pigs.
Playing with the Billie Goat.
Playing with the baby goats.

And the little Lamb.
They kept putting there fingers in the cage with the chickens & getting pecked.
Gage thought it was so funny.

Gage gave the baby goat a kiss & Kelton thought that was funny.
Gardner Village is so much fun at Halloween time.
They decorate with a whole bunch of these cute little witches all over the village.
Each witch is different & so cute.
I made Jer sit by this one with the boys but none of them wanted to cooperate with me for a picture.

Gage sat still just long enough for me to snap this picture.
But Kelton was done & ready for a nap.

Friday, September 12, 2008

Hey everyone my friend Tiffany is having a 
"Pay it Forward Contest"
The prize is this amazing Epson Picture Mate Portable Photo Printer!

I'm thinking that I REALLY REALLY want this.
I can only imagine how much fun it would be &
How much it would help me with my scrap books.
If your interested in entering go on over & check her out

Oh & event though I REALLY REALLY want to win

Monday, September 8, 2008



I need some info/help from my twin mommies out there & also all you mommies with singles.

My boys are almost 16 months old now.

My problem is that every time they start fighting over a toy, blanket, bike, etc.

My big man gets frustrated and ends up bitting my little man.

Poor little guy has war wounds all over his little body arms, shoulder, back

I even caught him trying to bite his little face.

He's been put in time out for a bit but he doesn't really get that whole concept yet.

I've spanked his little mouth (softly mind you I'm not a child abuser)

I even bit his little arm just enough that he knew what it felt like.

I just don't know if anyone has any good suggestions out there for me to try.

I have been making him love his brother better & today they were running around in there 

diapers most of the day & every time Gage would see the bite on Kelton's back

he would point to it, & I would say yes that's where you hurt brother & he would go & give him 

another love better.

Please offer me any help you might have I hate it when kids bite & I want to break 

him of this before it becomes habit & he bites other peoples kids.

Cute Clothes!

                      Hi everyone I just wanted to let you all know that my sister is selling                                     Layers Clothing.
She is now getting all of the fall collection in & is getting ready to do an open house.
She does home parties or book parties if you are interested.
You can also just order one or two pieces from her if you want the clothes but you might not want to do a party.
Go Here to check out her website
& for info on how to reach her.

Here are some cute items that they sell...

If you see anything that you like give her a buzz & she will hook you up.
She is a Sweetheart & will take good care of you.
Make sure you tell her you read about it on my  blog.
(She never checks mine).
But I LOVE her anyways!

Friday, September 5, 2008

Hilarious video!

I found this video on one of my cousins friends blog.
I have to share it because I laughed so hard.
You'll really understand if you have brothers, or just any
siblings for that matter.

I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.

A walk down hair lane.

Since I just attended my 20 year reunion 
(had a blast see previous post)
I though it might be fun to share a walk down
hair lane.

My good friend / sister Heidi did something similar a while back and I though it would be fun to do my own version so here goes.......

By the way it is ok to laugh I do all the time.
If you can't laugh at yourself then you can't laugh at others.
Enjoy at my expense!

I didn't have much                                             After a little time
hair as a baby.                                                     I got more.

           What little girl of the 70's didn't
           have pig tails like these?

Such a sweet little girl.

It's long now.                                                  Kindergarten Picture.
It's ok to start                                         I think this was my 
laughing now.                                         Nellie Olsen look.

Me & my younger brothers                    I believe this was 7th grade
& sister.  6th grade I think.                                        

9th grade I think I was                      Beginning of 10th grade
wearing black parachute                   Love the stretch pants w/stirups
pants!!!                                                 & high heels.  Nice feathered hair.

End of 10th grade I decided I                  My New Wave hair style.
didn't want to look like everyone          Please note the tail on 
else, so I shaved my head.                       the left side.

              Senior year I grew my hair 
              back out.  Me & my little sis.
              Do you think I have enough 
I know by now your                            make up on?
rolling on the floor.
I'm ok with that.

Ahhh...The Auqua Net days!                      Gotta love the hair wave!!!
I was 18 here.                                                   There's a banana clip 
                                                                              in the back.
The frizzy perm look.                            Gotta love the Glamour Shot!
I was 19 here.                                                               

And I cut it off again.                                Growing it back out.
Where exactly were my                            This ones not to bad.
Family & Friends? 

And it's long again & I was                        Still long 28 years old.
6 months preg. here.

It's ok if your still laughing.                           And I cut it off again!!!
This was great hair back in                            I liked this style, but short
 the day!!!                                                            hair is hard for me to do.

                            Long again!

Growing it out again!

Here I'm light on top                        My favorite engagement pic!
& dark underneath.                           This is the lightest I've ever gone.
And look how tan I am!                    I went back dark for the wedding.
I'm 35 here.

   And I cut it off again!!!
      Court, Me, Mom, Sister Heather & Sister Kristen
           I'm pregnant with the boys here.

                I'm keeping it long.
               I like it much better.

I grew it back out again.

      I must say I'm lookin pretty hot
  for being almost 38!!!

Ok you can pick yourself up off the floor now!
Please tell me your favorite styles & the ones
that you liked best on me.
I would love to hear your hair comments!!!

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