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Monday, November 23, 2009

Monday, November 2, 2009

A Warning For All Parents.I was

I was just watching GTU today & they had a gentleman on that was talking about the new smokeless tobacco products that are being tested in the market right now & are soon to hit shelves in utah.

I was outraged & concerned as a parent with teenagers at the products that are being made & marketed toward children.

Here is a news video I found that shows some of the products & gives a little more info on them.
Please take a few mins & watch this.

These products are designed to look like mints, packages of gum, or cell phones if they are in your childs pocket.

Please pass this information on to anyone you know that has children, we need to be aware as parents & adults what our kids or kids friends may have.
What is this world coming to?

Here are some pictures of a few of the products.

Friday, October 23, 2009

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

We Love the Dino Park.

We bought a membership to the Dinosaur park this year because the boys LOVE to go there & play.
We took them last Thursday evening & there was only 3 other families in the whole park so it was a ton of fun.
The boys just ran from one dino to another exploring everything.
they are setting up for halloween so they had the scary spook alley sounds going along with the dinosaur sounds & the boys loved it.
If you have never been there at night at Halloween time you must go it is so much fun.
They keep it pretty tame for all the little ones, but just scary enough.
We went to the halloween costume night last year & it was fun but way to many people I think we'll pick a different night this year.

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This last Friday we took the boys to the Hogal Zoo.
All day they kept saying Animals, Animals!!!
They loved it we got to see a lot of baby animals including baby Zuri the new baby elephant that was born Aug 10th.
She was so cute & playful, and we saw the baby giraffe and the 3 triplet tiger cubs.
The boys loved running around seeing everything but I think there favorite thing was the train ride.
Grandma Sue Sue met us there later in the afternoon with cousins Ethan & Evan and the kids had a ton of fun.

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Tuesday, September 8, 2009

He Said " I AM"

I found this video on my friend Tara's Kidz blog.
It is so Moving & Beautiful I just had to share it with all of you!

Friday, September 4, 2009

It's official I really am crazy!!!

So for all of you out there that have been wondering for years, or maybe just months or weeks.


The answer is finally here...

YES I think I must be.

My husbands family owns a house boat in Lake Powell so we go go out there a couple times a summer.

This year the family only made it out once & the dates happened to be Aug 27th thru Sept 3rd.

Remember now I have a brand new baby & I had a C-Section.
So I told my husband that I would pass this year but that he should go & enjoy.
He was only going for about 4 or 5 days so I figured I could hold down the fort with two 2 year olds & a one month old. =)

This however is not the part that makes me CRAZY I can handle this pretty easily.

The husband left on thurs to go down with his family he drove my car with his sister so he could come home sunday night.

By thursday night I was having anxiety, not attacks just anxiety.
This is unusual for me I can be by myself & be ok.
(I have been a single mom before)
But for some reason I just couldn't shake it & it just kept getting worse as the night went on.
I finally said a prayer to help me know what to do.

I sat down to relax for a little bit after I put the boys to bed & I decided that I needed to start making a list of everything I needed to pack to take to Lake Powell.

YES I decided I was supposed to be with my husband.
So I called my brother in-law to see what time they were leaving in the morning & if I could follow them out.
(I would never have gone out with 3 babies if I didn't have someone to travel with)
I packed everything up and got to bed at about 2:30 we were leaving at 8:00.

I packed everything into the car the night before so all I had to do was get up & get us all showered & ready to go.
I did have to stop at the store to grab some formula just so make sure I wouldn't run out.
While I was there I grabbed the boys some snacks & me some Mt. Dew.

I was prepared for the whining & crying that I knew I would experience pretty much the whole way there.

I was AMAZED!!!

Baby only cried twice to eat & they were both times we were already stopped to eat or potty & my big boys didn't cry or whine the entire trip (about 350 miles).
Gage took 2 half hour naps & Kelton took one half hour nap they were awake pretty much the whole trip & they were so good.
I took lots of snacks, story books & some disney cds (thanks aunt nikki & uncle bucky)
We talked & sang songs & I was amazed & so proud of them.

It was a start to a very good vacation the boys had a ton of fun & dad was so excited that we were coming to be with him.

The boys had a good time they LOVE the water!

This smile is worth more than a thousand words!

All 3 of my boys are water boys.
Me not so much.

Here is some of the crew & the house boat.

We had a really fun beach for all the kids to play on.

Notice there are no pictures of Kelton on the beach.
He is my fish & wanted in the water the whole time.

He has figured out how to balance himself in his life jacket & doggie paddle all the while squealing with delight sticking his tongue out with a huge smile on his face.
It is the cutest thing ever!!!

Gage likes the water but he doesn't love it like Kelton does.
Gage would rather play in the dirt & sand with momma.
We made a cute little turtle but I didn't get a picture of it.

The boys loved jumping off the back of the house boat to daddy.

The boys waiting to go out boating
on uncle Rogers boat.

My big boys getting ready to go knee boarding.
Kelton's with daddy.
Gage is with his cousin Nate.
I didn't get any pictures of them while the boat was pulling them because I was videotaping them. I haven't downloaded the videos yet.
They love knee boarding they laugh & wave to me.
They are so cute out there my fearless little men!

Here's a few pics of daddy slalom skiing
and doing his thing.

Playing in the little boat with mommy.
Coleson relaxing in the air conditioned house boat.

My sweet boys after a long afternoon and a few mins of sitting still to watch a video.
Cousins are the best of buds.

The boys had so much fun playing with there cousins, aunts, uncles, grandparents & mom & dad.
Oh and of course the water!!!

I am so glad that I decided to make the trek.

Oh & if your wondering about the ride home.

They were almost just as awesome.
Just a little bit of crying but nothing out of control & they were really tired we got on the road kind of late.

Thank you boys (All of my boys) for being so good to mommy & giving me some great memories!!!

The only down fall to the trip was that my 2 big kids couldn't make it.
Their dad wouldn't let them miss any school =(
I really missed you Court & Cody!!!

Mom, mommy, mamma, ma.

I see this commercial on TV every once in awhile & it cracks me up every time I see it.

Me & my brothers used to totally do this to my mom.
Honestly sometimes I still do just to tease her & bring back the memories
(or in her case maybe nightmares).

I hope you get a little giggle out of it.

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Ist trip to the dentist.

Last thursday the 27th of Aug the boys had there 1st ever dentist apt.

They are so hard to get to let you brush there teeth.
We have to sit with them on our lap & pretty much hold them down while the whole time they are screaming bloody murder.

You would think that as long as we've been brushing there teeth they would be used to it.
So needless to say I was expecting the worst.

(I warned the dentist office when I made the apt)
Oh & I took them to a pediatric dentist hoping that it might be a little less scary & traumatic.

Here they are in the waiting room playing.
So far so good!
What could be wrong with toys huh!

Kelton getting his X-rays.

He was so good he just walked right in & climbed up on the chair.
I though for sure we would be holding him down.
(The dentist has a light with hot air balloons on it to look up at while they take the X-rays & the boys really liked that).

Gage getting his X-rays.

He watched Kelton do it & not cry so I guess it was ok for him to do it to.
They were so big & I was so proud of them.

Kelton walked right out & climbed up in the chair & was ready to go.
Gage not so much he wouldn't get in the chair.

Kelton wasn't as into the tickle brush that would clean his teeth.
He wouldn't let the hygienist touch his finger with it so mom had to do it.

Gage relaxing waiting for his turn.
He did let the hygienist touch his finger to let him feel the tickle brush.

Kelton getting his teeth counted & checked by the dentist.
Here is where the melt down I was expecting happened.
He didn't like having the dentist mess in his mouth at all.
But the dentist was fast.

And Kelton got rescued by dad.
Oh & the new tooth brush helped calm him down a bit too.

In case your all wondering what Gage was doing while Kelton was getting checked.
Here you go.....

He was sitting in time out crying.
Why you ask?

Because he kept trying to wonder where he wasn't suppose to.

(The hygienist asked me later how I got him to stay, she said she can't get her 3 year old daughter to stay).

I had to take a picture.
I am definitely not one of those moms who are afraid to discipline in public.

Gage getting his teeth counted & checked by the dentist.
Gage didn't like it much better than Kelton did.
The best part of this new adventure called the dentist apt.
Picking out the PRIZE!!!
(Of course they both picked the bouncy balls)

Chillin out and relaxing watching some sprout channel
after a traumatic day at the dentist.

I guess now isn't the time to tell them that we have to do it all over again in 6 months!!!

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