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Monday, July 23, 2012

It's been way to long.

It's been way to long since I've blogged.
I found a new love...
Probably the same love as many of you.

Pinterest oh how I Love you!!!

So most of my time has been spent scanning and pinning some very great ideas and recipes.
If you haven't been on Pinterest, you need to go check it out.

So it would take me WAY to long to catch you up on that's been going on here at the Wright house.

We have been having a great summer.
Lot's of swimming, playing in the sprinklers, trips to the park & splash pad.
Some picnics and lots of family time.

This last week we went on a hike up Waterfall Canyon.
I thought for sure I would die and never make it, but I actually made it to the top with only a few stops for rest (I am just a lot bit over weight).
My kids all went with and my 2 oldest & my hubby were so supportive.
They never left me behind and they were constantly encouraging me telling me how good I was doing.

Making it to the top was totally worth it. 
Not just the vision of the waterfall but the vision of all my children laughing & playing together.
Having my total family there & complete was a wonderful thing.

My oldest son Cody doesn't live with us & hardly comes around.
Part of it is his age I know but whenever we do something as a family it is usually my 3 youngest boys & big sissy Courtnie.
I am always aware of the fact that we are missing one special family member.

So to have all of my kids on the hike together as a family was so very wonderful for me.

Oh boy do I love this man & these kids!!!

Friday, June 10, 2011

Let's go to the PAD mom!

So happy we got some warm weather today.
I told the boys if they went to bed like good boys last night then if the weather was warm I would take them to the splash pad.
So all morning the boys kept asking if they were good & if they could go to the PAD.
So after my nail apt we went to the splash pad.

The boys LOVE the water anything to do with water & they are in heaven.

Gage & Kelton
Baby (Coleson) wasn't to sure of the whole thing.
It took him about 10 mins to finally go play.
Big brother Kelton was playing with him trying to get him to play in the sprayers.
Crazy Gage.
Cute Coleson.

Silly Kelton.
Silly Gage.

I think we'll be spending a lot of time at the PAD this summer!!!

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Dinosaurs at the Zoo???

On memorial day we took the boys to the zoo.
It was a little cool & was suppose to rain so we thought it would be a good day to see the animals.
The boys love animals & watching animal shows.

Erica, Courtnie, Me, Coleson, Gage & Kelton.
Daddy was taking the picture.
Baby was ready for the animals.
The boys loved the dinosaurs.
Of course anyone who reads my blog knows how much we love the Dino Park.
This one was so fun it spit water.
Coleson loved the big Elephant that made noises & blew air.
It's a good thing to because the real elephants wouldn't come outside so we didn't get to see them.
The boys were in Awe over the robotic dinosaurs.
Look mom we're this big!!!
Baby was mad because I took him out of his stroller to stand by his brothers.
So excited to sit on the dinosaur.
Look mom it's eating my head!!!
My silly cute Gage.

I was really disappointed in the zoo.
We thought for sure the animals would be out & about but nope!
The elephants and Rinos were inside.
They are rebuliding the bears & penguins & other animals a new habitat so they were not around to see. The big cats were all still lazy as ever.
We didn't really see a ton of animals, but it was still fun.
It started to rain just as we were walking back to the car. Good thing we stopped at the dollar store & bought a bunch of umbrellas.
Oh ya and of course there was cotton candy!!!

Fun at Lagoon

On Saturday the 28th we went to Lagoon with Courtnie & Erica.
Erica met her family there & the girls hung out with them for awhile while we took the boys on some kiddie rides.
The boy's love love love Lagoon.
We left baby with Grandma & Grandpa Wright because we didn't think he would be big enough to ride the rides. Next year he can go.
The boys couldn't get on the rides fast enough.
Gage had a hard time waiting in line he kept saying "It takes to long".
It's so hard to have to stand in the lines & wait your turn when your just a little boy.
They did really good about standing in line & not budding in front of people & trying to be patient. It was an overcast day so at least it wasn't super hot waiting.

We had such a fun day.
The boys rode a bunch of other rides with mom & sissy but I don't have any pictures of them.
We took them on the new bombora roller coaster, I wasn't sure if they would like it or not but they loved it & wanted to go again.
They had a fun ride on the sky ride and of course we had to have some cotton candy.
It was a fun day bonding with my babies & making memories.

Fun outside

It's been hit & miss around here with the sunshine.
I am so ready for it to stop raining.
We did have one day a few days back that I could kick the boys outside, er I mean the boys could go play outside.

Of course they were on there bikes!!!

I love it when we can get out of the house & be outside.

Coleson aka "Baby"
This little man LOVES the outside.
His favorite thing is to swing, his 2nd favorite thing is to jump on the tramp.
He is the baby thus the name baby.
And he IS SO SPOILED by everyone!!!
He is the cutest little one and he makes me smile everyday.
He copies pretty much everything his brothers do which sometimes isn't always a good thing.
He thinks he is as big as they are & can do everything that they can & he sure does try.
He is my mr independent!!!
I can't keep him out of the dirt he loves it.
This is him looking right at me as I tell him not to throw dirt & to get out of the flowers.
Do you not think I'm in for some trouble???
Ooooo but just look at that cute little face I just wanna eat him up.

My little Dare Devil

My twin boys are so different.
They are like night & day.
My Kelton is more quiet & will sit & watch a show or read books.
He can be easily entertained.

My Gage on the other hand is my hands on boy.
He has to do it for himself & is always busy.
He only has one voice & it's not an inside voice.
He is my little busy boy.

Neither one of these are bad.
I love my boys the way they are they are just as different personality wise as they are in looks.

Anyways about my little Dare Devil, in case you haven't already figured out is my Gage.

Jer was on the roof a couple weeks ago fixing a leak & the boys were outside riding there bikes.
I was outside also. When I'm outside I let them open the gate so they can ride there bikes from the front yard to the back yard & on the sidewalk in front of our house.
I ran inside for a sec to get a drink for Coleson & when I came out Jer asked me if I knew where my son was.
I asked which one & he said Gage so I figured that since Jer was on the roof he could see Gage riding his bike up the street or something like that. I said where is he by Jamie's house and walked back into the back yard.
He said no look up.
This is what I saw.
Gage decided that he needed to climb up the ladder & help dad out.
Jer said he was talking to him from the roof & he thought Gage was on the ground.
He thought he sounded really close so he looked up & there he was right next to him.

He will be the death of me I swear it.
I am so shocked that we haven't had any broken arms or legs yet.
Just stitches.

Birthday Bash.

Since the boy's birthday & Court's birthday are so close together we always have a big family BBQ to celebrate with our families.
It's always a good time & fun is had by all.
Here are the Birthday boys.
Kelton loves Iron Man & Gage loves Transformers.
So I did a cake with both.

The Birthday Girl.
Her cake was so much fun to make.
It was a huge hit with everyone, especially the kids.

There was a lot of fun for the kids.
Jer's mom let us borrow her bounce house that was also a big hit.
I love that we both have big families & that we have so many nieces & nephews.
The kids all get along great.

The boys got a ton of gifts a lot of guns.
Nerf guns, water guns, bubble guns.
They got some cute shirts & Sissy bought them some really cute outfits.
They had to close there eyes for there present from mom & dad.

Big Boy Bikes!!!!

They were so surprised and excited.
They had no trouble jumping on and knowing what to do.
Now I can't get them off.
They are the 1st thing they get out when they go outside to play.
I love these big boys!!!

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