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Saturday, October 18, 2008

Utah Utes Rock!!!

8 ~ 0 Baby, 8 ~ 0!!!!

There's not much more to say!!!

Oh Except maybe Thanks BYU!!!

Friday, October 17, 2008

A Little bit of Randomness!!!

My Gage has figured out that if he stands on his tip toes he can reach things on the counter in the kitchen.
So after I poured some milk in a bowl for him to have some cereal I turned around to put the milk back in the fridge & heard the milk spilling & Gage crying.
This is what I saw.....

Is it Really Bad that I took the pictures before I put him in the shower?
I know I'm a shoe in for mother of the year!!!

Another bit of Randomness...
The boys have both learned how to unlock the dishwasher & think that they need to play in it & on it.
Well mom isn't going for that idea so they have been getting 1 min in time out every time they do it.
I got this really cute Time Out Spot rug from one of my friends at my baby shower.
The boys will actually stay on it pretty well most of the time, BUT they don't like it!
Here they are on the Time Out Spot.

I know I'm such a mean mom!
Like I said before I'm a shoe in for Mother of the Year!!!

Monday, October 13, 2008


It's a Blogathon over at Sits.

If you have never heard of SITS or ever been to the site then you had better hurry on over there right now!

SITS is an amazing site set up by 2 wonderful blogging ladies Tiffany & Heather.
They each have there own individual blogs & loved to get comments so they decided to take it a step further & came up with SITS.

This site has changed the way that a lot of us blog.
It is for women & those brave men that dare to engage with us crazy blogging women.

I have met & made some AMAZING women through this site, & a ton of new friends.
I have met INSPIRING women that make me appreciate my family & what I have so much more than I ever was before.

I am so proud to be a member of SITS.
Thank you Tiffany & Heather for your vision.
And thank you to everyone of my new friends!!!
Here are a few wonderful women I call my friends that I met through SITS.

If you have a few mins you must stop by & tell these ladies Hi you won't be disappointed!
Thanks again to all of my SITStas!!!

Winter Wonderland????

So this is what we woke up to yesterday morning.
A Winter Wonderland in October!!!
By the time the storm was through we had 11 inches of snow!

The Boys just stared out the window completely amazed.
They were so cute.
I got a bowl full for them to play with, but neither one of them was sure what to do with it.

Gage decided he would touch it first.
He barely touched it turned & gave me a funny look.
Then touched it again.
So then Kelton decided it must be ok so he touched it & laughed.
Gage decided that if it was so much fun to touch, then it was probably fun to eat.
Not so much he spit it out immediately!

Kelton was brave & decided to taste it to.

Ya well I'm guessing it didn't taste so great!

Gage stood & stared at it awhile deciding what he wanted to do with it.

Then the fun & laughing began!
Gage started hitting the snow & flipping it everywhere.
Kelton thought that was so funny he fell over laughing a couple times.

I tried to teach them that if you hold the snow to long it makes your hands cold.
It took them a few times to figure it out.
I wish I could have let them go play in it, but they didn't have any boots to wear, mom wasn't ready for 11 inches of snow to fall the beginning of Oct.
Next time I will be ready, hopefully they like it.

Friday, October 10, 2008

Thank You, Thank You, Thank You!

I'm so excited!
I've been blogging for awhile now & today I received my very first award!

Thank You Carey!!!

Carey is one of my new SITSta bloggy friends.
She is cute & her blog is fun.
You MUST go pay her a visit over at Not Quite Martha Stewart.
Please tell her I said Hi & don't visit to long as she is due to have her baby soon, so she needs her rest.
I'm sure she would be glad to meet you all.
So now it is my turn to give out this lovely award to seven of my favorite blog friends.

If you have never been to her blog you really need to go say hello.
She is one of the most inspiring women that I know.

Kelsey at Cade & Kelsey.
Kelsey is fun loving & has a beautiful baby girl & a baby boy on the way.
She also happens to be my sweet cousin. 

Bonnie at The Zoo.
Bonnie & I go way back to like probably 1st or 2nd grade.
She is to say the very least SUPER WOMAN and one of my HEROES.
Go read her blog & you will understand.

Tiff I met in the NICU at Mckay Dee Hospital.
Her handsome little man Heston was in there the same time my boys were.
She & Jer knew each other from school & friends.
She is a very SPECIAL woman & anyone could gain something from her.
(Thanks Tiff for being the woman & mother that you are your AMAZING!!!)

Chellekay at Two for the Road.
I met Chellekay through Blogging around the world.
She also has twins a beautiful girl & handsome boy.
I liked her & her blog right away her husband is in the military so she is on her own a lot.
She is a strong woman & some one I admire.

I discovered Alta's blog shortly after I started blogging.
She has 3 beautiful children.
Her baby Elliot was born with Cystic Fibrosis.
She went through some awful times before this diagnosis came about.
I'm more than sure she has had many since, but you just have to look at that beautiful little boy & just know that it's all worth it, every min of it.
She is also a very strong & inspirational woman.

I can't really remember how I met my friend Leeann, I believe I was blog surfing through others friends lists & found her.
I found her shortly after she had her miscarriage & her writings caught my eye & my heart.
She is a very busy mom of 4 little ones & one on the way.
She is also one of those inspiring women & a Super Mom.
She has an amazing heart & is a funny lady.

These are just a few of my favorites I hope you'll pop on over & say Hi.

Ok ladies now it's your turn go HERE to get your award & add it to your page linking back to who gave it to you (Which would be me in this case). 
Now it's your turn to show which blogs you love & award 7 blogs with this award linking to them as well.  Oh & don't forget to tell them that you are giving them the award in there comments!   Please enjoy your award you deserve it!!!

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Girls Weekend!!!

I'm sorry I've been slacking on my posts.
I have to tell everyone how much fun I had this last weekend!

My family has a tradition every Oct we (Aunts & girl cousins) get together for a night & do something fun.

We started with "Thriller" a dance production put on by the Odyssey Dance Theatre and did this event for about 5 or 6 years.

We saw them in Salt Lake, Ogden & Saint George.
If you live in my area & have never been this is something that you Must experience at least once.
The dances are amazing, the zombies are scary & it is a ton of fun & very entertaining.
They switch it up a bit every year so your not always seeing the exact same show.

Here is a picture of my son & some of the dancers.
I took him when he was about 8 because he wanted to see what my daughter & I were always talking about.
He had so much fun & still asks every year if we're going.
He's seen it about 3 times & loves it!!!

Anyway some of the group kinda got bored with Thriller so we started to hit Haunted houses.
This is probably one of the funniest things you'll ever see.
We are a group that can range from 18 or so to like 30 people, all ages.

We all go in groups holding hands trying not to look & go first, when one hits the floor we're all on the floor, pants have been peed in from laughing so hard.

We always have a good time when we get together everyone gets along & has a blast.

We did the Dinner theatre the 1st year & saw how much fun everyone had dressing up that the next few years we just went dressed up.
My Aunts (you've all heard of before are crazy I LOVE them)
They go to extremes & make it so much fun for us.

Here is My Mom, Aunt Jeanie, Aunt Linda & Aunt Janet.
They are all Sisters.
They are the Glue that keeps us all together & I LOVE them all so very much.

Here is a group photo of all of us from 2 years ago.
We are such a fun group.

Last year we went to Park City to watch Sweeny Todd at the Egyptian theater.
My Aunt Janet  & her Family finished there cabin out that way so she started a new tradition that we make it a whole weekend & stay at her cabin.

So that's where I was last weekend, no babies hanging on me or diapers to change.
No husband wanting dinner it was nice & relaxing.
I can't say no kids because Court is old enough to go (the cut off is 16)
She has been apart of our tradition for about the last 5  years.
So she went with me & we had a really fun weekend.

We had a ton of food & made some good memories.

Me & Court riding the 4 wheelers.

Warming ourselves by the fire after our rainy ride.
She is so beautiful.
Here's a slide show of some of our fun!

I wanted to post a few videos that I took of our fun filled weekend, but my computer is giving me grief so I'll have to post them later.

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