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Sunday, October 31, 2010

Halloween 2010

I hope everyone had a Happy Halloween this year!!!

The boys had so much fun Trick or Treating.
They got it this year & we're so cute running from house to house to get candy.
I think I had more fun watching them than they did doing it.
I had a ton of fun making there costumes with my cute cousin Jana.
Thanks again Jana!
Baby Coleson didn't get left out either he got to go out & get his own candy to.
I have to say I think I have the cutest Skeletons Ever!!!

Such a cute little Skeleton!

We took the boys to the library for there Halloween party earlier in the day & they had so much fun.
They got to do pumkin bowling, color pictures, listen to stories, do face painting & they got a treat bag just before we left.
Good Fun Free entertainment.
They love going to the library!

Listening to stories.
Daddy & Coleson!
So cute!!!

Happy Halloween until next year!

Sunday, September 12, 2010

A few first's this last week.

We have had a few exciting first's here at the Wright house this last week.
The first one.....

Gage & Kelton started Pre-School.
I can't believe it, I have mixed emotions about this they are my babies & shouldn't be growing up so fast.
But I am so excited for them & they LOVE it, it helps that they know there teacher & that she is our neighbor & my good old high school friend that I am now in YW with.
They love her....Thanks Jamie for making this adjustment SO much easier for me!

Here are my Cute Little Men on there 1st day of school.
I could hardly get them to stand still for a few pics they were so excited to get to school.

My cute little Gage.
My cute little Kelton.

The 2nd first we had this last week.....

We finally took the boys to Lagoon.
I wasn't sure if they would like the rides, but they are Fearless!!!!

Dad & Gage on Puff roller coaster.
Kelton is ready for the roller coaster!

I love these Boys all 3 of them!!!
They were so excited to ride the train.
Does it get any cuter?

I have the cutest outlaws ever!

Our last first this week will have pics & video coming soon.

My smallest little man has finally started walking!!!
He is so cute.
I love watching his little face and how proud he is when he starts following his big brothers around the house.

This one to I have mixed emotions about.
He is my baby & it makes me so sad to have him growing up so fast.
But I guess they all have to some time.

Here are a few new pics of my little man from his first birthday.

Sunday, July 4, 2010

My Little Monkey

I can't believe that My Little Monkey is almost a year old.
Time goes by to darn fast.
I just want him to stay a baby forever, he has been such a good baby.
He is my last & I just want to keep him a baby.
He will be spoiled I can already tell, not just by momma but everyone.
He loves his sissy & brothers Gage can get him laughing so hard.
He has the brightest smile & I can't imagine our little family without him.
He is so loved & gives so much love back.
I'm happy to watch him grow but sad at the same time.
Momma Loves You Little Monkey!
Thank you for all that you bring into my life.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Baby Contest!

Hi everyone.
I entered my boys in a photo baby contest on FB (Facebook for those that don't know FB) & I really need every vote I can get.
It is between my boys & another little boy right now.
The winner will get a free photo session with the photographer.

I would really appreciate it if any of you have a FB account if you would vote for my little ones.
Gage, Kelton & Coleson are all in it.

Just click here or find Ashley Price Photography and become a fan of her page then click on my boys pictures & click on the like button. You can vote for all 3 of them.
I would really appreciate it a TON!
Also if you would Please tell your family & friends that would be GREAT!
Thank You so much!!!

Friday, May 14, 2010

Time goes by to fast!

I can't believe how fast time goes by.
This last week on the 10th my babies Gage & Kelton turned 3.
And on the 13th my first baby Courtnie turned 18!

Where does the time go?
When you first have them people always tell you enjoy them while you can, before you know it they will be grown & gone.

I used to just roll my eyes & think WHATEVER!
But now I know how very fast time really does go.
If there is one thing I have learned from starting my 2nd little family, it's that I take the time to enjoy the little things more, I hang on to little moments & try to make them last.
Before I know they to will be grown & gone.

My kids are my life they are what make me smile everyday, good days & bad.
They give me a purpose & make me strive to be a better mom.
I hope that I never disapoint them.

Happy Birthday my babies all 3 of you.
I love you all more than any of you will ever know.

And yes Court even though you are 18, you are still & will always be my baby!

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Signs that Spring is (Maybe) here

Here are some signs that spring is here,
at least for the moment anyway.

Sunglasses & Jumpin' on the tramp.

Mowing the lawn.
And Climbing Trees.

You didn't think I would forget Little Nugget did you?
Oh my he just makes my heart melt!
I have to say I am so happy for some warm weather so my busy little boys can run outside instead of in my tiny little house!

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

My Sweet Little Baby

This is what my sweet little baby looks like 5 mins after I put him down wide awake.

I can't even believe how good he goes down for naps & bed time.

I am so lucky!

I have never seen a sweeter little face I love my Chubba Bubba aka. Sugar Muffin & Little Nugget!
Oh and "Baby" to big brothers.
Poor kid is never gonna learn his name. =)

He is just so sweet.

Sometimes I just never want him to grow up.
He will ALWAYS be my Baby though.

Momma loves you little Coleson
more than you will ever know!

Monday, March 8, 2010

Family Pictures 2009

I'm really really slow at posting these I don't know what my problem has been lately.
Some of it is that stupid FB part of it is just me being lazy I guess.

Anyway before christmas we had one of Jeremy's cute friends do our family pictures.
She is so cute & she did a really really good job & she was amazing with the boys.
I am going to have her do more in the summer & Courtnie's senior pictures.
Her name is Ceryl and I suggest you go check out her site & pricing she does a wonderful job.

Here are some of the pictures that she did for us....

She even got a picture of Gage sitting in time out.
It is one of my favorite pictures.
She did such a great job please stop by her blog & check her out tell her I sent you over!!!
Thanks Ceryl you did a great job & I Love them all!!!

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