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Monday, March 8, 2010

Family Pictures 2009

I'm really really slow at posting these I don't know what my problem has been lately.
Some of it is that stupid FB part of it is just me being lazy I guess.

Anyway before christmas we had one of Jeremy's cute friends do our family pictures.
She is so cute & she did a really really good job & she was amazing with the boys.
I am going to have her do more in the summer & Courtnie's senior pictures.
Her name is Ceryl and I suggest you go check out her site & pricing she does a wonderful job.

Here are some of the pictures that she did for us....

She even got a picture of Gage sitting in time out.
It is one of my favorite pictures.
She did such a great job please stop by her blog & check her out tell her I sent you over!!!
Thanks Ceryl you did a great job & I Love them all!!!

Sunday, March 7, 2010

What will they do next???

The other day I was cleaning the kitchen & visiting with Courtnie when my two little monsters came in stripping down & telling me that they wanted to get in the bath.

This is a great thing except that they already had a bath earlier in the day after breakfast.
But what the heck it was cold outside & I was cleaning the kitchen so I went & started them a bath.

They get out of the tub and are running around in there diapers (Still no big boy pants, but that is another post altogether) they think it's a game for you to try & catch them to get them dressed.

I see dad pull in the drive way so I tell them dad is home thinking they will run to the kitchen window to see him like they always do. But NO they run to the door (Unfortunately they know how to open it even when it's locked & remember I live on a main road that is very busy).
They say hi to dad & make a break for it into the back yard onto the tramp.
Dad tries to get them but it's almost impossible to get them once they get on the tramp.
So in comes dad with no boys.

Remember it's freezing outside & they have nothing but a diaper on.

Luckily Sissy was there to help me she jumped onto the tramp & rounded them up, with them running around laughing there little heads off the entire time.

I thought for sure I was going to receive a visit from child protective services!!!
Here are some pictures of my cute little culprits!

What in the world would I do without these 2 little angels in my life?
My life sure would be pretty boring!!! =)

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