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Thursday, May 28, 2009

Taylor Swift

This last Tuesday night I went to see Taylor Swift with my beautiful daughter Courtnie her friend Nicole & my cute cousin Kelsey.

We had a good time (Sorry I don't have any pics this time.)
Taylor was great it was a very high energy concert.
I love all of her songs & she is a very cute girl.
One thing I could do without though is how much she flips her hair.
Other than that I Loved it!!!
I think I loved watching the group of girls around 10 years old to the side of us just as much.
They were so cute dancing & singing & yelling "We Love you Taylor"! 
If any of you get a chance to go see her you really should she will only get better the older & more seasoned she becomes.

Her opening acts were Gloriana

They are new so they didn't really sing very many songs, but they are good.


Kelly pickler was suppose to open for her to but she was sick so we didn't get to see her.

We were pretty bumbed about that.
Especially Court she really likes her.
Oh well what can you do?

We had a good time anyways & Taylor was great!
Thanks Court Love ya!!!

Monday, May 25, 2009

Ist Father Son Outing!

This last Friday was the father son outing for Jeremy's dads ward at church.
At 1st I told Jer that I didn't want him taking the boys up.
"You know the whole paranoid mom thing!!!"
But I thought about it & decided that it would be good for him & the boys.
Plus Grandpa would be there to help keep an eye on them so Jer wouldn't be out numbered.
The boys had a good time, (not as sure about dad) but he said he had fun to.
As soon as they got up there my little man Kelton took a tumble into he fire pit full of ashes.
Thank goodness there was no fire.

Jer said they were pretty good for the most part & they had so much fun playing in the dirt.
Of course they did they're boys!!!

Of course when they brought the food out my boys were right there & ready!!!

Jer said they were pretty good about not getting to close to the fire.

A little close for mom but they came home without any burns & safe.

It was good for them to go away for a night with just daddy & it was a nice break for mom to.
But I did miss my boys.

Misc Adventures.

I'm a little late posting some of this but well you all know me.
Better late than never.
Last week it hit like 90 degrees so I got out the pool for the boys.
Here are some pictures of there fun!

Last year when I let them play in the water Kelton wasn't to sure of the water.
This year it was Gage!
But it only took him a few mins to figure out that it was ok.
I couldn't get them out of the pool!!!
It's a good thing they like the water since dad is a boater, he'll have them on a wake board soon I'm sure!!!

I took the boys to the park a few days ago & they had so much fun!
I just have to watch them especially Gage because they think that they are bigger than they are.

They love the slide I can't get them off of it!

Kelton says oook at me!!!

So of course Gage has to do it to!!!
They thought it was the funniest thing to poke there heads out at me!

Such happy boys when they're playing at the park!
I love watching them play with each other, they are the best of friends.
I hope they always stay that way.

Playing with big brother.....
The boys love to play with Cody they always want to wrestle with him.
He can't even sit on the ground without them both attacking him.
I love watching them roll around & laugh it's the best!

Poor brother!!!
He loves it though, I remember him telling me when they were babies "I can't wait until they're old enough to wrestle with me".
Well Cody now they are & they love there big brother!!!

Are these not 2 of the cutest faces you've ever scene?
Well at least I think so!!!

Future Bakers!

The other day I made cupcakes for a YW activity & of course you know I had a couple of little helpers!
I always turn the light on so they can watch whatever it is I'm cooking or baking.
This is them waiting not so patiently for the cupcakes to get done.
I love this picture for so many reasons.
They are such good helpers when they want to be.

They are the best helpers I could ever ask for!!!

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Dinosaur Park Carnival

This last Sat Jer & I took the boys to the Dino Park.
They were having a big Dino Carnival.
The weather was perfect & the boys had so much fun.
They LOVE dinosaurs & making dinosaur sounds.
The Dino park is a pretty fun place to go for a few hours & sat they had all kinds of things going on.

They had all kinds of snakes & lizards on display, they even had a couple of baby coyotes that had been rescued but you couldn't get very close to them so I didn't get a picture.
& I really don't love snakes so I didn't take any pictures of them either.

They also had a couple of turtles.

The boys liked seeing them.

They also had big dinosaurs....

And little dinosaurs....

There was even Kissing dinosaurs!!!

There was some kicking rocks....
But the favorite part of the day was the play ground....

The second favorite was the little train ride they had going on.
I didn't get any pictures of it but here are the boys waiting for it to come.

It was a great day & we will be back soon.
We bought a family membership so I can take the boys whenever I want to.

Anyone cold?

Her is just a bit of randomness about my boys.
This last Sunday before it was time to get ready for church I was sitting with the heating pad on my back.
It always hurts in the same spot so my dr. said to put the heat on it for awhile.
Anyway I got up to get in the shower & this is what I found when I came out.

I forgot to turn it off (It was on low)
& Gage decided that it felt good on his legs.
He just sat there watching tv forever with it on his legs.
They are ALWAYS watching even when we don't think they are.

Oh & this is what else I found....

Little man was watching Barney on dads lap as content as could be while dad slept sitting up.
I just had to take a picture it was to cute.

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