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Thursday, May 5, 2011

Warm weather finally!

The boys and I had a fabulous day today.
Finally the weather decided to warm up for a much needed day out.
I think it hit 71 today it was perfect weather.

First we hit the Dinosaur Park.
I have to make sure I always have a few quarters.
The boys love to feed the ducks & fish.

Of course we have to stop & play on the playground for a while.
Hi mom!
I can't believe how big my baby is.
Gage loves to bury his feet in the sand.
He found a little Caterpillar and played with it for about ten minutes.
His brothers didn't want anything to do with it though.
Kelton is such a silly little one.
He was singing a song to himself when I took this picture.

Shh don't tell I let them sneak in & give the dinosaur a hug.
We always have to take a picture on the pink Dino.

After the Dinosaur Park we headed up Ogden Canyon for a ride.
We stopped at Pineview Dam & I let the boys get out and look out over the dam. Of course they are boys, so there was a lot of rock throwing action.
They thought it was really cool to throw the rocks and watch them roll down the hill.

On our way back down I stopped to let them check out the waterfall.
The water in the river is so high right now and it's so loud. Between the river and the waterfall you had to really yell to hear each other.
The boys all thought it was really cool.
They didn't want to leave.

I love these boys so much.
I could not imagine my life without them.
I have so much fun with these boys wether it's hanging out at the dino park or shopping at walmart. They entertain & inspire me every day.
Thank you Boys for making me a better momma and person.
I Love You All So Much!!!

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