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Thursday, April 8, 2010

Signs that Spring is (Maybe) here

Here are some signs that spring is here,
at least for the moment anyway.

Sunglasses & Jumpin' on the tramp.

Mowing the lawn.
And Climbing Trees.

You didn't think I would forget Little Nugget did you?
Oh my he just makes my heart melt!
I have to say I am so happy for some warm weather so my busy little boys can run outside instead of in my tiny little house!

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

My Sweet Little Baby

This is what my sweet little baby looks like 5 mins after I put him down wide awake.

I can't even believe how good he goes down for naps & bed time.

I am so lucky!

I have never seen a sweeter little face I love my Chubba Bubba aka. Sugar Muffin & Little Nugget!
Oh and "Baby" to big brothers.
Poor kid is never gonna learn his name. =)

He is just so sweet.

Sometimes I just never want him to grow up.
He will ALWAYS be my Baby though.

Momma loves you little Coleson
more than you will ever know!

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My Favorite 5

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