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Thursday, September 3, 2009

Ist trip to the dentist.

Last thursday the 27th of Aug the boys had there 1st ever dentist apt.

They are so hard to get to let you brush there teeth.
We have to sit with them on our lap & pretty much hold them down while the whole time they are screaming bloody murder.

You would think that as long as we've been brushing there teeth they would be used to it.
So needless to say I was expecting the worst.

(I warned the dentist office when I made the apt)
Oh & I took them to a pediatric dentist hoping that it might be a little less scary & traumatic.

Here they are in the waiting room playing.
So far so good!
What could be wrong with toys huh!

Kelton getting his X-rays.

He was so good he just walked right in & climbed up on the chair.
I though for sure we would be holding him down.
(The dentist has a light with hot air balloons on it to look up at while they take the X-rays & the boys really liked that).

Gage getting his X-rays.

He watched Kelton do it & not cry so I guess it was ok for him to do it to.
They were so big & I was so proud of them.

Kelton walked right out & climbed up in the chair & was ready to go.
Gage not so much he wouldn't get in the chair.

Kelton wasn't as into the tickle brush that would clean his teeth.
He wouldn't let the hygienist touch his finger with it so mom had to do it.

Gage relaxing waiting for his turn.
He did let the hygienist touch his finger to let him feel the tickle brush.

Kelton getting his teeth counted & checked by the dentist.
Here is where the melt down I was expecting happened.
He didn't like having the dentist mess in his mouth at all.
But the dentist was fast.

And Kelton got rescued by dad.
Oh & the new tooth brush helped calm him down a bit too.

In case your all wondering what Gage was doing while Kelton was getting checked.
Here you go.....

He was sitting in time out crying.
Why you ask?

Because he kept trying to wonder where he wasn't suppose to.

(The hygienist asked me later how I got him to stay, she said she can't get her 3 year old daughter to stay).

I had to take a picture.
I am definitely not one of those moms who are afraid to discipline in public.

Gage getting his teeth counted & checked by the dentist.
Gage didn't like it much better than Kelton did.
The best part of this new adventure called the dentist apt.
Picking out the PRIZE!!!
(Of course they both picked the bouncy balls)

Chillin out and relaxing watching some sprout channel
after a traumatic day at the dentist.

I guess now isn't the time to tell them that we have to do it all over again in 6 months!!!


Judy said...

Hey they did so good. I hate the dentist!!! Always have. The boys are so cute!!!!

Edward said...

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