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Thursday, July 9, 2009

No more Binkies!!!

Gage & Kelton still had there binkies at nap time & bed time until yesterday!
Gage woke up from his nap yesterday & showed me his binkie & said hole.
I looked at it & he had bitten a hole in the top of it.
So I took full advantage.
I told him it was yucky & needed to go in the garbage.
He followed me into the kitchen & he threw it away.
My little Kelton followed right behind & without me saying a word to him he dropped his into the garbage.
I got them a snack & collected all the others & hid them.
last night I was prepared for a long night of fighting for bink bink.
We bathed the boys, brushed teeth, said prayers, & then it started the crying for bink bink.

I reminded them again as I had all day that binkies were in the garbage & that they were big boys now!!!
They cried & screamed at the door for about 10 mins then I went & put them back in bed & tucked them in.
Kelton cried for about a sec & stopped, not my Gage (He is to much like mom Stubborn).
Gage screamed for about 10 mins longer & dad went to put him back in bed.
But dad hasn't learned anything from all the super nanny that we watch, he laid him down & stayed in there with him for a few mins.
When he went to leave, yep you guessed it, tantrum all over again screaming at the door stomping his feet, laying on the floor to see under the door & more screaming.

All the while Kelton is sound asleep in his bed.
I let him cry for about 10 or 15 mins then I went in & had him walk to his bed I picked him up & laid him down as he's doing little sobs now.
I kissed him a few times & told him it was ok Momma would see him in the morning & tucked him in.
I walked out & didn't hear a peep out of either one of them all night long.
It took about 40 mins from the time we started to put them down until they both went to sleep.
Not to bad, at least not as bad as I thought it was going to be.

Today at nap they asked for bink bink once I reminded them it was in the garbage & they were fine no crying.
They did play a little longer than usual, but I'll take that over screaming & stomping feet any day.

So it looks like we are binkie free at least until Coleson comes, we'll have to see if he's a binkie boy to!


Kim said...

I remember having to get rid of binkies. We were binkie free with my oldest until my second was about 4 mnth old. Then you guessed it, Brendon(oldest) started sucking on Kelsey's. So by when I had the third child--you guessed it--NO BINKIES!!!! Hailey was such a content child and by the time the 4th came along--he figured out the thumb was better than a binkie.

Congratulations and good luck with the binkie saga--when Coleson arrives.

Judy said...

That is so cute. I'll bet they are adorable. I never had a binkie baby. At the time I hated it, but I guess when it came time to take it away, it was easier.....Keep smiling!

Boopsie said...

Congrats! Way to let them take charge on their own. Now, they'll just have to learn a hard lesson when Coleson comes and has a bink bink in his mouth ;-)

Wright said...

What big boys!!!

AbBaThA said...

those little stinkers!! haha!! good luck wth your new baby i am sooo excited to have a new cousin!! i can't wait to see him!! have fun!
seeya soon,

Tiffanie said...

I had the same issue with bottles. One day I decided to just throw all of them away, and the hard part is not turning back. Isn't it funny that one can being throwing the biggest fit, and the other one is sound asleep. Mine are the same way.

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