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Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Yesterday was a busy tiresome day.

I called the pediatrician to get baby Coleson in to have his little bottom checked.
He's had a sore bottom since we left the hospital.
The Dr's aren't any help they just tell me to use bag balm, which I have & it usually works wonders in like a day.

Not helping baby at all, so they said to stop using wipes.


Already done a long time ago.

So they tell me to try desitin.
Ya not working either.

I'm thinking it's a yeast based rash but I'm not a Dr. so they won't listen to me.
If it is then I can't use cornstarch or it will make it way worse.
So I've tried burnt flour & it didn't work either.
Then yesterday the Dr tells me he see's it a lot with new babies on similac (?) to lazy to get up & check spelling.
It makes them have really acidy poops until they are about a month old & that I just have to wait it out & let his little bumb skin toughen up against it.

WHAT THE !!!!!

He's not the one crying while he has to clean the little bleeding bottom while baby is crying so hard because it's killing him.
There has to be something else I can do but WHAT?

That was the 1st part of my busy day.

The 2nd part?

Big sister Courtnie went with us to the Dr. & hung out with us all day.
The boys were wrestling on the ground with her before bed time and little man Kelton went running away from her squeeling, tripped over a pillow & connected with the corner of the front door.

The door won & we ended up at the ER. at 8:00 last night.

He only cried for a few mins. he was so tough.
He is my little shy guy, but last night he sure wasn't he was chatting it up to everyone in the ER.
He liked the Dr because he was wearing Spiderman scrubs & he was really good with Kelton.
Luckily they were able to glue it instead of stitching it.

He will have a scar but I guess it's ok he's a boy, Just one of the many battle wounds he'll have I'm sure.


When he was done they gave him some chocolate milk & some Lilo & Stitch stickers.

But his favorite thing of all was his ID bracelet that they put on him.

He had to show everyone his bracelet & he wouldn't let me take it off until tonight.
I had to talk him into letting me take it off.
He is so cute & so tough you wouldn't even know he had a big owie if you couldn't see it.

Momma loves you my little man Kelton.
You are my tough little man!


Judy said...

Boy! You sure are having problems with both ends!!!!! Hang in there!

Are You Serious! said...

♥ poor guy! We've had our share of stitches and staples... SO not fun! I hope he's doing okay now!

Bonnie the Boss said...

I am telling you, do the mylanta, preperation H, cornstarch thing. Who is your pediatrition? (I can't spell it, too tired)

Anonymous said...

For the diaper rash, try the website: or you could try a fungal cream.

Boopsie said...

I used that fungal cream on Oakley's lil bum when he had thrush-cleared it right up (if that's the problem). Hope everything works out for you and hey-at least he's closer to a month old when it'll stop bothering him! On another note, when are you supposed to take "booboos" into the ER? Odie had a cut like that from running into the entertainment center...I just never know if it's stitch worthy or not!

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