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Monday, March 7, 2011

Life is Good

To anyone who still follows my blog or checks in once in awhile.
I am such a slacker!!!

Everything here at the Wright house is good everyone is healthy & we have no complaints.
The boys are all getting big & wild!
I can't wait until Summer when I can chuck them outside.
Baby (Coleson) LOVES the outside if he escapes into the backyard on our way to the garage it's a fight to get him.
He LOVES the tramp just like his brothers.
He gets on & goes into the center where I can't reach him & teases me.
He is so cute & such a joy to our family.
Gage & Kelton do pre-school every mon wed & fri & they love it.
They have learned so much & I am so proud of them.

Gage loves to say the pledge of allegience.
He will say it to anyone that will listen to him.

I am so proud of him nobody worked with him he just learned it from saying it at school everyday. You don't even have to help him when he says it.
He is just so cute.
We haven't had to much going on here but I will try & post more often.
I can't leave you without a few pics though so here you go!

Baby Coleson
These boys are the light of my life I love spending every day with them.
I am a lucky momma!!!


Craig and MJ Parker said...

Wow Gage is so smart. That video made me smile :) And yes, you are a slacker on your blog he he he. With twins and a 1 1/2 year old, I wouldn't blame you for slacking!

Bonnie the Boss said...

They are so big, and so adorable!!!

b lanita said...

TINA!! :)

Okay your blog is adorable and I can tell you are a veteran when it comes to these things! :) You are going to have to show me a thing or two because your blog is just so super cute! I love it. And your kids are so cute-I love the pictures! :) !!. . . And you! :)


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