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Monday, July 23, 2012

It's been way to long.

It's been way to long since I've blogged.
I found a new love...
Probably the same love as many of you.

Pinterest oh how I Love you!!!

So most of my time has been spent scanning and pinning some very great ideas and recipes.
If you haven't been on Pinterest, you need to go check it out.

So it would take me WAY to long to catch you up on that's been going on here at the Wright house.

We have been having a great summer.
Lot's of swimming, playing in the sprinklers, trips to the park & splash pad.
Some picnics and lots of family time.

This last week we went on a hike up Waterfall Canyon.
I thought for sure I would die and never make it, but I actually made it to the top with only a few stops for rest (I am just a lot bit over weight).
My kids all went with and my 2 oldest & my hubby were so supportive.
They never left me behind and they were constantly encouraging me telling me how good I was doing.

Making it to the top was totally worth it. 
Not just the vision of the waterfall but the vision of all my children laughing & playing together.
Having my total family there & complete was a wonderful thing.

My oldest son Cody doesn't live with us & hardly comes around.
Part of it is his age I know but whenever we do something as a family it is usually my 3 youngest boys & big sissy Courtnie.
I am always aware of the fact that we are missing one special family member.

So to have all of my kids on the hike together as a family was so very wonderful for me.

Oh boy do I love this man & these kids!!!

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Judy said...

So fun!!!! So glad to hear you and your family is doing well.

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