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Monday, November 10, 2008

Boys 18 month check up.

Today the boys had there 18 month check up.
They are getting so big I can't believe they are already almost 2.
They are growing & developing just like they are suppose to.
Gage is:
26 pounds & 32 inches long
Kelton is:
23 pounds & 31 inches long.

They are so funny they were dancing around for the dr. & telling her animal sounds & showing her there body parts.
I am so proud of them they are so smart & bring such joy to my life.
I cannot even imagine my life with out them in it.


Coach B. said...

Hey Tina.

I have your good pictures posted to my blog. The lighting was really bad that day...and I didn't have the correct lense for dark lighting. So the pictures were really bad! I grabbed the few that were okay and edited them.
I think we may need to re-do the shoot...if you have the energy.
Sorry girl!
GIve me your e-mail and I will send some your way.

Are You Serious! said...

♥ Cute boys!!! Time goes by so fast!

Colette said...

Hi Tina ,SURPRISE, I finally got a blog going, i am still learning alot so don't look at things to close, but i am having fun recording things that are happining in our lifes. Leave me a coment some time and I will add you to my list. We still have to get together and let the boys play. Hope to hear from you soon, Colette ( )

Tiffanie said...

Isn't it just amazing how fast they grow and learn in 2 years. They are so cute!

Queenie Jeannie said...

What sweet boys! I'm so happy that they are healthy and doing so well!!!

gingela5 said...

So cute! Glad to hear they are healthy!

The Wrights said...

I don't think boys come any cuter than this!

Hide.. Literally! said...

I just want you to know that I love you T, and hope things are looking up for you. Sounds like you've had a few rough moments lately by your posts. Just know that you are in my thoughts and prayers always. Love you sister.

Z's Mom said...

I can't believe how fast time flies!!! Z just turned 2...I need to post his stats too! :)

They are sooo are truly blessed!

aminut said...

Tinabean, Great pics and your boys are growing up so fast. In regards I'm always hopeful that I'll remember everthing b/c so many lil things that kids say/do are so magnificent!
Thanks for connecting Kristen & I. It's been great to be in contact with the both of you again.
Love ya!

TMI said...

My Chloe is almost exactly your boys' age... her 18-month check-up was this week too! What a small world.

I just want to tell you that the comment you left on my blog brought me to tears and absolutely made my day! I blog for myself, just to have a permanent record of my life. It shocks me that anyone else wants to look, and that they would even love it! But it means so much to me, and I appreciate your words more than you know! I'm lovin your blog too. Whenever i stop by to visit I can't wait to see your U of U gear and those darling little boys of yours!

Thanks again!!!

Tracy said...

I think this is my first visit to your blog, just wanted to tell you I love it.
I see y'all are football fans are we. Rolllllll Tide!

Have a great weekend!

Always on the Go! said...

Can't believe they are already 18 months.
They are so cute and fun.
Love ya

Coach B. said...

Alright Tina. It's time for a new post :)

Saundra@An Italian Mama Gone Crazy said...

Oh my gosh they are gorgeous!

im here from Sits!

Kristy said...

Just wanted to share a little SITStaly love today!

P.S. Your boys are adorable!

Miller's said...

They are so freakin cute. Aren't they just the funnest? I'm glad that they are doing good and looking healthy, they are smart little guys. Can't wait for Wed.

mommaof4wife2r said...

look at those little precious sweet! and getting sooooo big. how does that happen so quick?

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