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Wednesday, November 19, 2008



A few months ago my daughter told me that she wanted to go to the Carrie Underwood concert.
Her dad gave her money for a ticket for an early christmas present. 
She called up her good friend Nicole and she brought her money to get her a ticket to go also.
And surprise!!!

She even asked her mom if she wanted to go!!!
I know a teenager actually wanting her mom to go, & not as a driver (because she has her license & her own car).

I said no at first, you know the whole money thing.
But after I thought about it for awhile I thought I'd be stupid to miss out on this bonding time with my baby girl.

So I'm going to see Carrie Underwood tonight!!!

But I think I'm more excited to be spending some quality time with my beautiful daughter & that's really what it's all about!!!


Bonnie the Boss said...

That will be fun, I am so glad you are going.

momof3crazykids said...

I'm jealous! That will be a great concert for sure.
I asked my son if he wanted to go to the Coldplay concert this month. He told me yeah who with? I told him me. He said no thanks that's not cool mom. I was even going to buy the tickets.
Whatever. You have a great daughter!

Wright said...

Hey jealousy...I hope you guys have a blast!!

Jonnie & Ash said...

How fun are you going to have?? TONS!!!

Always on the Go! said...

Can't pass that up. Hope you all have a good time.
Love you guys

Aimie said...

That's sweet of her to ask you, but your a cool mom so why not. A girl named Stephanie Mcbride took my pics
They were actually taken right behind Gpa richards house in that field. I am happy how they turned out. Thanks

Coach B. said...

That's a shocker. Court is still a mommy's girl after all :)

That's so cool. Have fun!

By the way...Carrie Underwood is a hottie :)

Hide.. Literally! said...

So how was it? I love Carrie, well I love Courtney too! I am going to be at the Holy War on Saturday while all you Twilight Fans are fighting the crowds at the movies. Love ya gorgeous!!

Jana and Family said...

That is so exciting! I bet the concert was so much fun. Sounds like something Megan and I would do! Hope you had a fun time with your girl!

Leeann said...

What a fabulous daughter! I hope you had fun!

Casey's trio said...

I bet she was absolutely fabulous in concert! Hope you enjoyed yourself.
Thanks for stopping by on our SITS day:)

WheresMyAngels said...

That would be a blast and I would of NEVER asked my mother when i was young. So you have done a good job!

Brian Family said...

Oh man was it just so awesome?? I am so jealous!! She is amazing!

John Deere Mom said...

So how was it?!

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