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Monday, April 13, 2009

Our Easter.

I hope that everyone had a wonderful easter holiday!

Ours was great but very busy.

We started Easter friday night at Jer's parents house.
We had an easter egg hunt & dinner with his family it was really fun & nice to spend time with them.

Jer's brother Jason & his family are in town until wed & it has been really nice seeing them.
We don't see them often enough.

Here are some pics of the boys collecting eggs.

Gage found some eggs.

kelton & his basket full of eggs.

Saturday was Jer's Grandpa's 90th Birthday Party.

So sat we headed down to American Fork to celebrate with family & friends.
The party was at the northampton house.
It is a pretty place and they had a good turn out.
Grandpa was happy to see everyone & celebrate his birthday.
(Sorry no pics we were to busy chasing boys around).

Sunday was the busiest day of all at least for me it was.

The Easter Bunny made a stop here & the boys were so happy.

They got a ton of fun stuff and of course a lot of candy!

We played for a while then it was time to get ready for church.
We attended Jer's parents ward for sacrament because Jer's dad had a Very Big Surprise for everyone!

He was called as the new Bishop in his Ward!!!

We are so proud of you Grandpa Curtis they could not have picked a better man for the job!
We have full belief that you will make an incredible Bishop.
We Love you & Support you fully!

Here are a few pics of the boys in there church easter outfits.

My Handsome little Gage.

My handsome little Kelton (aka. Woo Woo)

My 2 little men together, it's so hard to get them both to sit still at the same time to get them both in a picture.

Then for me it was off to my own ward to teach my Young Women's lesson.
While Jer went to his parents house with the boys.

At 5 we went to my moms house for her Easter egg hunt & dinner with my family.
It's always nice to get together with my family I love them all so much.
The kids all had a blast hunting for eggs.

Kelton collecting his eggs.

Gage searching.

I found a pink one!!!

Gage taking a break.

Gage finally finding some eggs.

Kelton surprised Gage is finding eggs.

Gage showing momma his loot.

Oh & here is a picture of me so you can see my baby bump growing.
(don't laugh it's not a great picture)

All in all we had a very busy, but very wonderful easter weekend.
I hope you all enjoyed yours as much!!!


Are You Serious! said...

♥ I love their sunday outfits! So cute! Looks and sounds like a great day! :)

Nye Family said...

WOW Tina, what a small world. I had always thought you looked familiar in the pics on your blog, then you mentioned on my blog that my mom was your mutual leader it all came together. Your the Tina I remember as a kid. Crazy small world. Your family is adorable. How are you coming along with the Relay for Life? So are you doing the Roy one? Good luck with it. I was the one that mentioned a while ago that we do this every year for my mom, but in the Ogden one.

Kim said...

Your boys are soooo cute!! I don't remember Steph telling me that they weren't identical. I just assumed they were. They looked so cute in their new outfits. BTW--you look GREAT! For being pregnant you look beautful!

Miller's said...

Man you did have a busy weekend. You are looking so cute! I love the boys easter outfits, they are adorable! Hopefully next year you can come to the hunt in Bountiful, we missed ya.

randy n michele said...

Sounds like you had a great Easter,
Your boys are so cute. I love the piture of Gage taking a break from the hunt. you dress them so cute!!

Colette said...

Looks like you all had a very fun filled weekend !!!!! You look great ! Sorry that I haven't called you to go to the tree house... hudson has been a little sick and had an ear infection. Call you soon Love Colette

Bonnie the Boss said...

I think it is a cute pic of you! i am glad you had a good weekend!

KT'SFST1 said...

Congrats on Jer's Dad's new calling! He will be awesome. My hubby totally picked him for that calling. Your pictures of the boys are adorable. It's so fun to read your blog. You are so sweet! Love ya, Kathy B.

Chad and Kristen Milne said...

Looks like fun!

DysFUNctional Mom said...

I LOVE the church outfit pics! They are adorable.

Jessie said...

Thanks for taking the time to enter in my photography give-away!


ceryl said...

Hey Jeremy & Tina! This is Ceryl Curtis (Kyle's wife) I just happened upon your cute blog and was so excited! Your boys are so big:) We had already heard about Curtis as bishop and were so happy! He will make a fabulous bishop. He's such a great man. I'm sure I'll be a frequent visitor. I'm glad to see how well you guys are....would love to hear from you!

Wright said...

We loved seeing you--it just wasn't long enough though. It was fun to see all of the boys play together. And you look darling!!! Glad you put that pic in (:

Boopsie said...

Hey-I see Dr. Hartman, and overall was pretty impressed up until my thyroid issues, then the whole office was on my ____list! So yeah, let me know who you go to!

On The Go said...

Very handsom boys & One Hot Momma!

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