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Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Update on boys.

Here's a little bit of what the boys have been up to the last little bit.
Mostly just things that I want to remember or pictures I really like.

We had a great Easter (see previous post) but there was one thing that happened I forgot to write about that I want to remember.
I think it was by far the scariest thing that has happened since the boys were born.
As you know or don't the boys are almost 2 years old and they are way to smart for there own good.

We live on one of busiest main roads in our city & of course we have a fenced yard.
But it still doesn't stop me from being paranoid when they are outside.

We have a side door that leads outside off our kitchen & a child safety gate at the kitchen going downstairs so the boys cant get to the side door or the basement unless the gate is left open.
The side door leads to a breeze way that has a gate to the driveway.

Jer & I were in the front room cleaning up the easter baskets etc. & didn't realize the safety gate got left open.

The next thing I know I hear a little knock (kind of a pound) on the front door & at the same moment I realize that it's really quiet in the house.
 I ran to the door & playing on my front porch was my 2 babies!!!

Not only did they get out of the house, but they got out of the front gate also.
I grabbed them so fast & a million thoughts went through my head as what could have happened had they not decided to play on the porch.
They could have easily gone into the road or wandered down the street.
And what if a stranger had picked them up?

I have never been so frightened in my life.
Luckily everything turned out ok, but now I'm more paranoid than before.


On The Go said...

That's too scary! I'm so glad they stayed in the yard.

Bonnie the Boss said...

I am so glad it went okay! times like that just freak you out! sorry!

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