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Monday, June 15, 2009

It finally happened!!!

Well it finally happened...
Gage tripped and fell on the metal skirt around our fireplace today and cut the corner of his eye open.
Luckily Jer was already home.
My poor little Gagie only cried for about 10 mins then he settled down.
We got the bleeding stopped & took him into the after hours at our pediatricians office.
(I Love that place & the people!)
He was such a big boy he didn't cry t all he just sat there staring at the nurse & the Dr. as they fixed him up.
They were amazed at how calm & good he was for his age.
The Dr. said that she could stitch him up but since he is so little she didn't want to traumatize him so she glued it shut instead & put some butterfly bandages over it.

(He didn't want me to take his picture)

But nothing can keep this kid down.
As soon as we got home he ran straight for the tramp and just kept going until it was time for bed.
He is such a tough little man.
My heart still breaks for him though, I hate it when my babies are hurt.


Hide.. Literally! said...

I love that kid, he's a bruiser for sure. I'm glad they didn't traumatize him with stitches!! Nice new mini van Momma!! And I LOVE the name Coleson! I don't think I new it was a boy.. But it's so cute.. Love you!

Are You Serious! said...

♥ I'm glad he's okay! Lane is my trouble kid! Always getting hurt. In fact he did the same thing to the corner of his eye only on the corner of the computer desk. He had 3 stitches but they numbed it up really well and he didn't have a problem with it thank heavens!

Chad and Kristen Milne said...

I think you made it pretty far without stitches with twin boys:). I can't believe how big they are getting.

DysFUNctional Mom said...

OUCH! This made me hurt. I'm glad it wasn't a major owie.

Wright said...

Give Gage a hug from us--glad he's okay. And Way to Join the VAN CLUB--it's the best isn't it? (;

Parks Monster said...

hey tina and jeremy its colby, I need your email address so i can invite you to my new blog that is a private blog so you need an invitation. you can send it to me anytime. Thanks,

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