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Wednesday, March 4, 2009

The Wonders.

I was sitting on the couch today watching my boys play & a thought came into my head.
I am so lucky to be able to stay home with them & watch them grow.

It amazes me how much they learn every day.
The wind was blowing pretty hard & I had the front door open "to let the sunshine in"
the wind was whistling through the screen & Gage was amazed by the sound that it was making.
I watched him walk over very carefully about 2 feet away from the screen.
He was listening very intently as the sound would come & go.

Then he came running over to me & started making a sound like the wind & pointing at the door.
I said yes that's the wind making that noise huh.
He ran back over to the door & listened some more & would come & tell me when it would do it again.

This isn't anything amazing on most levels by any means, but to a momma these are the moments that we cherish.
And I am so great full that I get to be home with them to watch all of these little things happen that don't mean much to others, but they mean so much to me.


Anonymous said...

Tina I love that story! So sweet!!! You have such a beautiful family!
I love u!

Tiffanie said...

That is so funny. Because I went to go pick my kids from my mom's today, and they were doing the same thing at the window. It is so cute because everything is new to them.

Bonnie the Boss said...

I am glad you are doing well and enjoying he boys!

On The Go said...

Im glad you are able to stay home too.
They grow so fast, it's nice to cherish little moments like that forever.
Love you

Miller's said...

Those are the best moments. Sometimes I take staying home for granite but I am so glad I get to experience these moments as well. There is nothing like seeing them figure the world out, so cute!

Tiffanie said...

I set my blog to private. If you would like send me your email so i can send you an invite. Here is my email

Jana and Family said...

I remember when my kids were little and all the stuff I didn't write down. I don't remember a lot now but I do remember being so glad that it was my influence in their life and not a strangers. I know that sometimes there is no way around that, but I am so grateful I had that opportunity also.

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