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Thursday, August 14, 2008

Your name googled with Needs.

I was visiting Z's mom's blog tonight & she had this fun post.
I thought I would try it.
Go to Google & type in your name then the word needs and hit enter.
Because we all need to know what WE need!
Here are my results.

Tina needs a boy...........Um no I think 3 boys are enough, I need another girl!
Tina needs to win the Home Depot Contest........Ya I do, I totally could use this prize my house needs so much updating.

Tina needs Godiva........What woman doesn't need CHOCOLATE?  Especially Twilight Chocolate!!!
Tina needs a slower pace........This is probably true, but with 15 month old twin boys & 2 teenagers I don't see it happening.

Tina needs Prayers.......Yes a few extra prayers wouldn't hurt me.
Tina needs to get over herself........I don't think I'm full of myself!

Tina needs your help.........Ya I could really use some HELP cleaning, I just don't like to do it!!!  (At least I'm Honest) I'm just saying...
Tina needs a Diet Pepsi........Anyone who knows me knows this isn't true.
Tina Needs a Mt. Dew !!!

Tina needs to be re-evaluated & re-discovered....... What?
Maybe re-evaluated, but I kinda like being lost!

Tina needs to learn to dance.......Ok this one is true.  I am a true all White Girl I have no rhythm at all.

Tina needs extra money to buy clothes.......This one is always true but right now I need to change the body not buy new clothes for it. =(

Ok Go!  Go check it out & see what You need.  You might be surprised at what you need that you didn't even know you needed!


Heather said...

Stop. Everything. Where did you find the Twilight chocolate????? I need that!!

This meme is so fun!! It's hilarious to see what everyone "needs".

angie said...

I've enjoyed reading all the "needs" around the bloggosphere! :)

Hide.. Literally! said...

Oh My - I typed in Heidi's needs and I can't wait for you too see what it says. I'm laughing my ass off.. I loved yours, and yes where did you get the Godiva Twilight Chocolate. Or is it really real. It was great seeing you yesterday. I want to come to your house and play with the boys.. They are so much fun, ok I won't be bias I'll play with the big kids too, but the little ones are hilarious..

Love ya.

EmmaP said...

hahaha! I love it! I esp love the re-evaluated & re-discovered! (perhaps all that "porn" Jer caught you on- lol!!!)

Brian Family said...

That is such a cute post Tina! You are so funny!! I love it!

Z's Mom said...

hahaha....that's a pretty good list!!!

I agree with Heather....there is Twilight chocolate???? If I eat it will I live forever with a gorgeous man?????

christie said...

Oh my goodness! The photo of your boy and the dog...precious!
I saw the Twilight Chocolate when I was at Barnes and Noble the other day. So fun!

Parker Family said...

That is fun. I did this on my blog only my friend used more than just need. There were a ton of other verbs used to, and I did my whole family. It was pretty funny to read.

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