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Friday, August 8, 2008

My Scary Thought.

Ok I know I've been a slacker lately, but I've had a REALLY REALLY good reason.

I finished it last night so you will be seeing or rather hearing, maybe both of me.
I really liked the book, my personal take on it, not as good as the 1st 3 but still good.
Maybe I think that because I know it's over & that makes me sad I don't know.
But now I'm available to post again.
I have so much to tell/show you all.
We've been pretty busy around here.

First I have to share something with you that probably you ladies my age & older can appreciate.

I was driving home from running errands one day just me & the boys.
Out of the blue I started to think about my Courtnie (that's not crazy or abnormal I think about her a lot).
But I started to realize I mean REALLY realize how old she is & how grown up she is becoming.
Now mind you nothing at all has made my mind wander down this road, no conversation between her & I or her acting strange or anything, it just popped into my head THAT....

She is 16 years old!
Do you know what that means???
I could be a GRANDMA in 3 years or more (or less, Hopefully not).
3 years people that is like a snap of a finger.
If at the very worst I could become a MOTHER IN-LAW.

Oh I tell you I don't think I'm ready, I mean come on I'm only 28 (ok 38)
but i think 28.
When I think about it my heart starts to race & my mouth goes all dry & I start to have a panic attack!

Ok maybe not so dramatic.
It scares me to death.

I hope that she goes to college and get an education before either of those things happen, but they could.

I would like her to wait until she's like 28 (you know my age)
before she settles down & has a family.
I know it's not my decision to make & i will always love her no matter what choices she makes but I'm scared!!!


Are You Serious! said...

♥ It's so crazy how fast time flys by!!! My parents say they'd rather be grandparents anyday over being parents! :)

Leeann said...

My oldest just turned 7 and I think...holy crap...time flies....I just brought her home from the hospital, right?
16? Uh-uh...can't imagine...

angie said...

I have moments like these, too. Wait, how are my kids THAT age? and what does that make me? Yep. Older. :)

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