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Saturday, August 9, 2008

Jake's Party

Next on our long list of things we've done is.....
Our Nephew Jakes birthday party.
He had a swim party the boys of course had a good time.
I didn't get any pics of them in the water because we couldn't let them in the pool by themselves.
But here they are playing on the lawn mower & swing set.

Even Cody had a good time swimming.

Nice hair Cody!!!
That style should for sure get the girls.

This is Jer & 4 out of his 5 nephews.
(He has other nephews but these are all brothers).
His sister has 5 boys I'm thinkin she's always at the grocery store.
They are really good boys and a ton of fun to hang out with.
They're starting to catch up to Uncle Jer!!!

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