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Saturday, August 9, 2008

It's a Party! Maybe Not. Yep It's a Party!

We had a party for Cody & Jer this last Sunday.
We mostly had my family over because his family already celebrated the July birthdays.
(I know Sunday was the 3rd of Aug so please don't comment & tell me)
I had to wait until a day that would work for me & Cody.

Any way after pushing it back a few times we decided on the 3rd.
Joby (The kids Dad) called me that afternoon to tell me that he & Cody had just left the clinic & Cody had Strep!
He was so upset about having to cancel his party & was talking to his dad about it in the Dr. office.
The Dr. told him he could still have it if everyone wanted to come & stay about 5 feet away.

What do you Do?

I called everyone & told them the situation and left it up to them wether or not they came.
I have the best family because all 3 of my brothers came, my sister & her family came, & my mom, Dad & step mom & Jer's mom & sister.

They all braved strep for my Cody!

You guys are the best!!!
I really love you tons.

Well so far nobody has come up with strep that I know of so,
so far so good.
My Birthday Boy Jer.

By the way I would like to know who's bright idea it was to get black frosting on that cake!!!
What a mess!!!


Are You Serious! said...

♥ The cake looks great! I'm can only imagine the mess of black frosting! :)

Strep that sucks! Hopefully he gets over it very quickley!

christie said...

Sorry about the Strep. What a cool family to show up anyway! I'm glad no one got it!
Happy Birthday Cody & Jer!

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