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Monday, October 13, 2008

Winter Wonderland????

So this is what we woke up to yesterday morning.
A Winter Wonderland in October!!!
By the time the storm was through we had 11 inches of snow!

The Boys just stared out the window completely amazed.
They were so cute.
I got a bowl full for them to play with, but neither one of them was sure what to do with it.

Gage decided he would touch it first.
He barely touched it turned & gave me a funny look.
Then touched it again.
So then Kelton decided it must be ok so he touched it & laughed.
Gage decided that if it was so much fun to touch, then it was probably fun to eat.
Not so much he spit it out immediately!

Kelton was brave & decided to taste it to.

Ya well I'm guessing it didn't taste so great!

Gage stood & stared at it awhile deciding what he wanted to do with it.

Then the fun & laughing began!
Gage started hitting the snow & flipping it everywhere.
Kelton thought that was so funny he fell over laughing a couple times.

I tried to teach them that if you hold the snow to long it makes your hands cold.
It took them a few times to figure it out.
I wish I could have let them go play in it, but they didn't have any boots to wear, mom wasn't ready for 11 inches of snow to fall the beginning of Oct.
Next time I will be ready, hopefully they like it.


Michelle said...

Holy cow......snow? Such a strange concept to this Southern California mama! I think it was 75 today!

The Wrights said...

What a storm! Carolina and Curtis left 80 degree weather to come home to snow! Cute pics of the boys experiencing it! It was fun to see and talk to you guys via skype--we'll have to do it again soon!

Carey said...

Yup I've decided I'm going to stop complaining about how cold I am because at least we don't have snow yet - and probably won't until January. So is that stuff gonna stick around until Halloween or will it melt?

Thanks for visiting the blog again - I'm feeling much better and catching up on my commenting. On a side note - I totally finished Twilight in two days...there goes my hospital reading!

Ronnica said...

Cute! A first touch of snow...

mommaof4wife2r said...

ok.seriously, snow!!!! i hate the winter. bring back the summer...if we sign a petition will it work?

WheresMyAngels said...

I'm just glad that is not yellow snow!! lol

chellekay said...

Don't just love snow in October! I can not remember it ever snowing this early. Your boys look so cute checking out the snow

aminut said...

I know can you believe it!!! I'm not ready for snow. I looked out at my backyard today and thought thank goodness for green grass---because almost all the snow had melted. Good thing it's getting warmer again.
And hey my lil Ben has the same jammies as Gage :0)
Stay warm

Nina said...

Ahhh snow in October. I don't even want to think about snow yet. The pictures were so cute and they were so funny checking out the new snow.
Great post!

Bonnie the Boss said...

Too cute! What size do they wear? I will look and see what I have.

michelle {sweet mady's paper} said...

oh i love all that snow! i have twins also. they are almost 16 months

John Deere Mom said...

Oh I am so not ready for snow! It's like 55 here and I am freezing!!

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