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Thursday, October 9, 2008

Girls Weekend!!!

I'm sorry I've been slacking on my posts.
I have to tell everyone how much fun I had this last weekend!

My family has a tradition every Oct we (Aunts & girl cousins) get together for a night & do something fun.

We started with "Thriller" a dance production put on by the Odyssey Dance Theatre and did this event for about 5 or 6 years.

We saw them in Salt Lake, Ogden & Saint George.
If you live in my area & have never been this is something that you Must experience at least once.
The dances are amazing, the zombies are scary & it is a ton of fun & very entertaining.
They switch it up a bit every year so your not always seeing the exact same show.

Here is a picture of my son & some of the dancers.
I took him when he was about 8 because he wanted to see what my daughter & I were always talking about.
He had so much fun & still asks every year if we're going.
He's seen it about 3 times & loves it!!!

Anyway some of the group kinda got bored with Thriller so we started to hit Haunted houses.
This is probably one of the funniest things you'll ever see.
We are a group that can range from 18 or so to like 30 people, all ages.

We all go in groups holding hands trying not to look & go first, when one hits the floor we're all on the floor, pants have been peed in from laughing so hard.

We always have a good time when we get together everyone gets along & has a blast.

We did the Dinner theatre the 1st year & saw how much fun everyone had dressing up that the next few years we just went dressed up.
My Aunts (you've all heard of before are crazy I LOVE them)
They go to extremes & make it so much fun for us.

Here is My Mom, Aunt Jeanie, Aunt Linda & Aunt Janet.
They are all Sisters.
They are the Glue that keeps us all together & I LOVE them all so very much.

Here is a group photo of all of us from 2 years ago.
We are such a fun group.

Last year we went to Park City to watch Sweeny Todd at the Egyptian theater.
My Aunt Janet  & her Family finished there cabin out that way so she started a new tradition that we make it a whole weekend & stay at her cabin.

So that's where I was last weekend, no babies hanging on me or diapers to change.
No husband wanting dinner it was nice & relaxing.
I can't say no kids because Court is old enough to go (the cut off is 16)
She has been apart of our tradition for about the last 5  years.
So she went with me & we had a really fun weekend.

We had a ton of food & made some good memories.

Me & Court riding the 4 wheelers.

Warming ourselves by the fire after our rainy ride.
She is so beautiful.
Here's a slide show of some of our fun!

I wanted to post a few videos that I took of our fun filled weekend, but my computer is giving me grief so I'll have to post them later.


mommaof4wife2r said...

i am a weiny...hate hate hate scary things!!!!

EmmaP said...

oooh! that sounds like so much fun! I didn't even know about the Thriller dance party. I will definitely have to check it out!!!

Are You Serious! said...

♥ WHAT FUN!!! I love getting together with my sisters and mom. That's sounds like a fabulous idea making it a yearly tradition! :)

lilianril said...

What a great tradition! I wish my family had something like that. My mom is always talking about starting something, but it hasn't happened yet.

Michelle said...

Man, you all are a fun group! And I love all the Twilight stuff. My Daughter and I can't wait for the movie!

I love the over all look of your blog. Glad I found you over at SITs.

Jen Vesper said...

What a great tradition. We are going to the Murder Mystery thing at Gardner Village tomorrow. Can't wait! Four of my high school friends and I all have birthdays in October so we go every year. You have inspired me to take pictures this year!

Carey said...

Thank for stopping by my blog! It looks like you had a blast this weekend!

I noticed at the top of your blog the Twilight pics and video. I just picked up the first book this afternoon...I'm excited I've heard it's good!

aminut said...

I remember that all the girls have always got together I'm glad that it continues, especially with how busy we MAKE ourselves be lately. The memories will always make for great story telling. I've left you post's on Heidi's blog. I'd like to invite you to my blog but need your email. Thanks for contacting me--it's so exciting. What a small world. I like small worlds.
Hope you are doing well, are healthy, and obviously beautiful.

Carey said...

I really am enjoying the more and more I read on your blog keep it up! I nominated you on mine for an award, so if you're into displaying those things feel free to stop by and take the graphic and show it!

Tinabean said...

Amanda My Email is
I would love to connect with you again & catch up & kristen would also.

gingela5 said...

All that stuff sounds like so much fun! Your aunts look like people I'd want to hang out with! Go big or go home type people!

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