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Monday, May 25, 2009

Misc Adventures.

I'm a little late posting some of this but well you all know me.
Better late than never.
Last week it hit like 90 degrees so I got out the pool for the boys.
Here are some pictures of there fun!

Last year when I let them play in the water Kelton wasn't to sure of the water.
This year it was Gage!
But it only took him a few mins to figure out that it was ok.
I couldn't get them out of the pool!!!
It's a good thing they like the water since dad is a boater, he'll have them on a wake board soon I'm sure!!!

I took the boys to the park a few days ago & they had so much fun!
I just have to watch them especially Gage because they think that they are bigger than they are.

They love the slide I can't get them off of it!

Kelton says oook at me!!!

So of course Gage has to do it to!!!
They thought it was the funniest thing to poke there heads out at me!

Such happy boys when they're playing at the park!
I love watching them play with each other, they are the best of friends.
I hope they always stay that way.

Playing with big brother.....
The boys love to play with Cody they always want to wrestle with him.
He can't even sit on the ground without them both attacking him.
I love watching them roll around & laugh it's the best!

Poor brother!!!
He loves it though, I remember him telling me when they were babies "I can't wait until they're old enough to wrestle with me".
Well Cody now they are & they love there big brother!!!

Are these not 2 of the cutest faces you've ever scene?
Well at least I think so!!!

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