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Thursday, May 28, 2009

Taylor Swift

This last Tuesday night I went to see Taylor Swift with my beautiful daughter Courtnie her friend Nicole & my cute cousin Kelsey.

We had a good time (Sorry I don't have any pics this time.)
Taylor was great it was a very high energy concert.
I love all of her songs & she is a very cute girl.
One thing I could do without though is how much she flips her hair.
Other than that I Loved it!!!
I think I loved watching the group of girls around 10 years old to the side of us just as much.
They were so cute dancing & singing & yelling "We Love you Taylor"! 
If any of you get a chance to go see her you really should she will only get better the older & more seasoned she becomes.

Her opening acts were Gloriana

They are new so they didn't really sing very many songs, but they are good.


Kelly pickler was suppose to open for her to but she was sick so we didn't get to see her.

We were pretty bumbed about that.
Especially Court she really likes her.
Oh well what can you do?

We had a good time anyways & Taylor was great!
Thanks Court Love ya!!!


Jonnie & Ash said...

LOVE Taylor Swift!!! I totally wish she was my bff :) She seems so down to earth & fun! Glad you had a great time - jealous!

On The Go said...

I want to go next time!

Wright said...

What a fun concert! Loved the pics of the father/son outing--I so wish that Jas & my boys could have been there too. Hope you are feeling well!

aminut said...

SHUT UP!!!! I am so jealous! That would have been great! I was trying to get my cousin to fly out so we could go together. I would have loved to go and be around all that energy. AHHHHHH! Good for you & my lil Court. (Sorry, she's still lil in my mind :D)

Miller's said...

I am with ya with the hair flipping thing, it was a little awkward for me. What a fun night though, huh? Thanks for letting me tag a long!

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