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Thursday, June 9, 2011

Birthday Bash.

Since the boy's birthday & Court's birthday are so close together we always have a big family BBQ to celebrate with our families.
It's always a good time & fun is had by all.
Here are the Birthday boys.
Kelton loves Iron Man & Gage loves Transformers.
So I did a cake with both.

The Birthday Girl.
Her cake was so much fun to make.
It was a huge hit with everyone, especially the kids.

There was a lot of fun for the kids.
Jer's mom let us borrow her bounce house that was also a big hit.
I love that we both have big families & that we have so many nieces & nephews.
The kids all get along great.

The boys got a ton of gifts a lot of guns.
Nerf guns, water guns, bubble guns.
They got some cute shirts & Sissy bought them some really cute outfits.
They had to close there eyes for there present from mom & dad.

Big Boy Bikes!!!!

They were so surprised and excited.
They had no trouble jumping on and knowing what to do.
Now I can't get them off.
They are the 1st thing they get out when they go outside to play.
I love these big boys!!!

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