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Thursday, June 9, 2011

My little Dare Devil

My twin boys are so different.
They are like night & day.
My Kelton is more quiet & will sit & watch a show or read books.
He can be easily entertained.

My Gage on the other hand is my hands on boy.
He has to do it for himself & is always busy.
He only has one voice & it's not an inside voice.
He is my little busy boy.

Neither one of these are bad.
I love my boys the way they are they are just as different personality wise as they are in looks.

Anyways about my little Dare Devil, in case you haven't already figured out is my Gage.

Jer was on the roof a couple weeks ago fixing a leak & the boys were outside riding there bikes.
I was outside also. When I'm outside I let them open the gate so they can ride there bikes from the front yard to the back yard & on the sidewalk in front of our house.
I ran inside for a sec to get a drink for Coleson & when I came out Jer asked me if I knew where my son was.
I asked which one & he said Gage so I figured that since Jer was on the roof he could see Gage riding his bike up the street or something like that. I said where is he by Jamie's house and walked back into the back yard.
He said no look up.
This is what I saw.
Gage decided that he needed to climb up the ladder & help dad out.
Jer said he was talking to him from the roof & he thought Gage was on the ground.
He thought he sounded really close so he looked up & there he was right next to him.

He will be the death of me I swear it.
I am so shocked that we haven't had any broken arms or legs yet.
Just stitches.

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