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Thursday, June 9, 2011

Fun at Lagoon

On Saturday the 28th we went to Lagoon with Courtnie & Erica.
Erica met her family there & the girls hung out with them for awhile while we took the boys on some kiddie rides.
The boy's love love love Lagoon.
We left baby with Grandma & Grandpa Wright because we didn't think he would be big enough to ride the rides. Next year he can go.
The boys couldn't get on the rides fast enough.
Gage had a hard time waiting in line he kept saying "It takes to long".
It's so hard to have to stand in the lines & wait your turn when your just a little boy.
They did really good about standing in line & not budding in front of people & trying to be patient. It was an overcast day so at least it wasn't super hot waiting.

We had such a fun day.
The boys rode a bunch of other rides with mom & sissy but I don't have any pictures of them.
We took them on the new bombora roller coaster, I wasn't sure if they would like it or not but they loved it & wanted to go again.
They had a fun ride on the sky ride and of course we had to have some cotton candy.
It was a fun day bonding with my babies & making memories.

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