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Thursday, June 9, 2011

Fun outside

It's been hit & miss around here with the sunshine.
I am so ready for it to stop raining.
We did have one day a few days back that I could kick the boys outside, er I mean the boys could go play outside.

Of course they were on there bikes!!!

I love it when we can get out of the house & be outside.

Coleson aka "Baby"
This little man LOVES the outside.
His favorite thing is to swing, his 2nd favorite thing is to jump on the tramp.
He is the baby thus the name baby.
And he IS SO SPOILED by everyone!!!
He is the cutest little one and he makes me smile everyday.
He copies pretty much everything his brothers do which sometimes isn't always a good thing.
He thinks he is as big as they are & can do everything that they can & he sure does try.
He is my mr independent!!!
I can't keep him out of the dirt he loves it.
This is him looking right at me as I tell him not to throw dirt & to get out of the flowers.
Do you not think I'm in for some trouble???
Ooooo but just look at that cute little face I just wanna eat him up.

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