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Friday, June 27, 2008

CaR FoR SaLe

This might seem like an unusual post & maybe it is but, well I suppose I am a little unusual.

Today my Aunt Jeanie (She is so stinkin cute I just LOVE her to death, I'll Post about her for you all one of these days.) anyway she brought her BMW out to my house for me to help her sell.
I live on a main road and get alot of traffic coming & going so my house is a good place to sell cars, trucks, boats, tires & have garage sales all of which have been done or sold here.
So I told her to bring it on out, MAN I wish I could afford it it's a BEAUTIFUL car.
The reason I'm telling you about it is....well if you know anyone looking have them contact me.

It's Black with black leather interior, brand new tires, sunroof, DVD, 5 speed manual transmission, it gets good gas mileage & I would LOVE to have it.
But I have a car, a truck & an expedition already so I can't have it.
But if you would like it or know anyone who would have them contact me.
It's a 2004 & they're asking $17,900.
(Come on Bonnie imagine the fun we could have in this car!!!)


Veggie Mom said...

I do love Beemers, but already have a Camry--stylin', huh? I DO have something free to give you, though. I found your blog thru another link, and I'm very impressed! I have a new blog, and I'm doing a giveaway. Please click on to enter the contest. Hope you drop by soon!

Bonnie the Boss said...

You know it Bean. It would be like old times.

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