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Thursday, June 12, 2008

Lake Powell Vacation

I'm back & I survived Lake Powell with my one year olds!!!

OK I have to admit it really wasn't as bad as I thought it was going to be.
The Boy's were little troupers.

The 1st day was the worst, we (the husband & I) had the idea that if we drove at night the boy's would sleep most of the way.
So I put them in there pj's and we left around 8:00 p.m.
The boy's were pretty good most of the drive but they sure didn't want to sleep (goes back to the whole have to sleep in there own beds thing).

Anyways we got there without any problems other than the occasional baby crying to let us know that he was still there & STILL trapped in his car seat, and the occasional how much longer from the 13 & 16 year old.
Oh and the really bad karaoke singing to Bon Jovi of course by me.
Can I just tell you how much I LOVE my ipod!!! Especially when it's 2:00 in the morning & your trying to stay awake & you can't get any radio stations. I'm not so sure that my Family loves it so much though.
I can really get into my Bon Jovi (which my explain the cries from the boy's, what i thought were cries to get out of there seats were probably cries of pain that there ears were hurting HUM a thought anyway).

We made it to Bullfrog around 3:00 in the morning all of us exhausted, the boy's FINALLY asleep & what has to happen?
Yep!!! We have to get them out of there seats and down to the boat WITHOUT them waking up. YA RIGHT!!!
They were up and ready to play it took about another 45 mins to get them to lay down long enough to go to sleep.
So the 1st full day on the boat was not so good because MOM was tired, DAD was tired & 2 little boy's were tired.

The rest of the trip went very well, we went out on the boats a few times watched dad, uncle Jason & aunt Jen wake board, played in the sand, chased lizards (& Kids, lots & lots of kids there were 15 kids on the house boat total) went swimming which the boy's couldn't really decide if they really liked or not they wouldn't stay in the water for very long.
we hung out & had a good time. 
The boy's took naps regularly & slept all night long I was really surprised at how good they were.

I did not get sunburned =) I paced myself. (Besides who has time to lay out with two 1 year olds running a Muck?)
I would have liked to get a little more sun but I guess that's why there's tanning beds.

It was nice to get away but it didn't really feel like a vacation to me, it's ALOT easier to chase the boy's around & keep them entertained at home but it was fun.
I'm deathly afraid of the water (Water that I can't see the bottom) so It really wasn't my idea of a vacation but it's what my husband really loves & it's tradition in his family to go once or twice a year.
My kids have been for the last 3 years but this was my 1st time.
By the way I'm STILL afraid of the water!!!

Here is a slide show I put together of our time there. ENJOY!


Are You Serious! said...

♡ Cute layout! I can hardly see the post a comment part though...

Sounds like a fun time! Yay for no sunburn! My kids always have a hard time sleeping in the car too... I LOVE all the pictures!!! It looks like a TON OF FUN!!!

Brian Family said...

Ok I loooove the boys life jackets, those are dArLiNg, where did you get them?? It looks fun, I haven't been to Lake Powell in like 13 years but the water is still awesome. I am glad you made it home safe and sane!

Bonnie the Boss said...

How fun for the kids. Notice I said the kids. I sure can relate to it being not much of a vacation for the mom. They will remember it and the meories will be good for them.

Derrek, Jessica and Dyson said...

I'm jelous that looks like so much fun. Last time we went it was without a houseboat what a nightmare, never try it.

The Wrights said...

Go Tina! I so knew that you would have a post about Powell! The boys did awesome and we are SO happy that you guys were there! It was fun to see you guys, but way too short.Love ya!

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