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Saturday, June 21, 2008

Wanna new House?

Are doing a Six weeks of Summer contest!!!
YOU have a chance to win this Amazing new House!!!

Ok I know what your thinking "My kids would have more fun in it than you would"
Not true for me I'd LOVE this house it would entertain my boy's for hours & hours, even my 2 older kids would have a blast in it.
Ok I'll admit it I to would have a blast in it with them & watching them, & imagine all the pictures you could take of them playing & having a great time.
So if you want a chance to win this Awesome new house then hurry on over to SITS and roll call for a chance to win!!!
EVEN all of you who are not a part of SITS yet go check it out You know who you are!!!
I'm sad for anyone who isn't affiliated with these two wonderful women & there wonderful blogs The Secret IS in the Sauce!!!


The SITS Girls said...

This post is AWESOME and your blog looks fantastic!

You my dear, are entered!

Tausha said...

ok-so i was wondering-you said that your hubby gave you 7 cricut cartridges and you have never used them. I was wondering-can i rent them from you? Not all at the same time. I only have 2-one with a font. i wantto buy a few more-don't know which ones to pick. They are super expensive and the last thing that I would want to do is get the wrong one.
So-I was thinking-maybe for payment-I could do one of two things-
I could make you something with each catridge I borrow-or I could come and look and your house and give you pointers on how to make your space a little more cozy and liveable.
I am totally serious about this. I know that we are not that far apart. I promise that I am a good, honest person and I am a good person, and not a psycho. I know that this a strange request-but i would really appreciate it if you wouold consider it. I promisde I am not crazy-just ask Bonnie. I am a little tired when I was writing this, still not crazy. Still a little ticked at the little mexican spitter-but not out of my mind! :) Have a great night and restful sunday! (ps i promise that i would be super careful-maybe I could give you one of my kids for collateral.
oh-i have a friend, her kids get hand foot and mouth all the time. It is not as crazy as you think. between her and her neighbors-it hits them more than 5 or 6x a year. Crzy i know-just a little more common than I realized. Hope they are feeling better!

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