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Monday, September 15, 2008

Hair cuts & Petting Zoo!

Hey everyone the boys had a busy day this last friday.

Little man (Kelton) got his 2nd hair cut & Big man (Gage) got his 1st hair cut.
They were so good and look so cute.
I thought for sure Gage would be an animal 
(Anyone who knows him can probably understand why)
But he was so good he didn't cry or fuss & he didn't even squirm very much.
They look so cute, but they look like little boy's instead of my babies.
I'm just not ready for them to grow up yet.

They are so cute & so much fun!!!
I can't begin to tell you how much fun I have had with these boys.

Since the boys were so good for their hair cuts we took them to Gardner Village for some fun at the Petting Zoo & a Pony Ride.

Gage loved the horses when he could just pet them, but he wasn't to sure about them when he was sitting on one.
He cried & wanted off the last time around.

Kelton was fine once I gave him back his binkie.
(Oh & don't worry we, husband & I walked right next to them holding onto them the whole time).  
I didn't just chuck them on & say hold on!

Petting the Pigs.
Playing with the Billie Goat.
Playing with the baby goats.

And the little Lamb.
They kept putting there fingers in the cage with the chickens & getting pecked.
Gage thought it was so funny.

Gage gave the baby goat a kiss & Kelton thought that was funny.
Gardner Village is so much fun at Halloween time.
They decorate with a whole bunch of these cute little witches all over the village.
Each witch is different & so cute.
I made Jer sit by this one with the boys but none of them wanted to cooperate with me for a picture.

Gage sat still just long enough for me to snap this picture.
But Kelton was done & ready for a nap.


chellekay said...

oh how cute. G&G got hair cuts on Friday too. I have never been to Gardner Village. I think I might have to take G&G there (as soon as I figure out where it is).

Lane Boyz Mom said...

Awww how adorable!!

I know what you mean, those haircuts on the little guys, when we cut the curls off of my oldest one, we "lost" that baby.....he turned into a little man from that day forward!

Brenda Jean said...

The petting zoos were always my favorite when the kids were little. They get so excited! Your boys are adorable:)

Rela Pantaleon-Manigsaca said...

Wow, what cute boys!

I want twins too!

Breanne said...

aww - they are so cute. Looks like lots of fun. Congrats on your SITS day.

Are You Serious! said...

♥ So cute! Love baby hair cuts! and the zoo looks like fun too! :)

Teryn said...

I just gave my little guy his 2nd cut. I cried! He just look so much older now. How do I make his stay my baby just a little while longer??
(another gall from SITS)

Jamy said...

Hey SITSta! Congrats on being featured today! I had no idea there was a petting zoo at Gardner village! I almost took my kids to Thanksgiving point last week but now I'm glad I didn't. How much fun is it to PET the animals! Is it only open for a short time? It's been about 8 years since I went to Gardner village!

SarahBendel said...

Your little one's are precious!

Brian Family said...

Cute pics!! I love how you can tell they are brothers but yet they are so different! I love the zoo pics, I am taking Heston to Hogle Zoo on Sunday for the first time, I'm pretty excited to see how he reacts! I love your boys Tina, they are dolls!

Miller's said...

What a fun day! I will have to take Mais out there, she would love it. The boys cuts look adorable. They are growing too fast!

Tiffanie said...

You boys are so cute.
I have always had a hard time getting my twins in the same picture, but I think the trick might be ice cream!

Tiffanie said...

I really meant to say Your Boys are so cute. Sorry it has been a long day. My little girl is getting all 4 of her teeth in at the same time!

cyndi said...

You totally made me miss home. I love Gardner Village especially when the witches come out!

Ashley. Unscripted... said...

What adorable pictures!!

Wright said...

What a fun day--their haircuts are darling!!

mommaof4wife2r said...

love the pics...and those little guys are just precious! look at how grown up they are with their little hair cuts...oh, so cute!!

Z's Mom said...

Oh, I LOVE all the pics!

You are right.....once they get that haircut....they stop looking like "babies"....

That farm looked like a lot of fun....

You have beautiful little boys (I can say beautiful while they are still small.....) ;)

-Bridget said...

I can't blame the boys for not wanting to cooperate by posing with the witch. I'd rather go back to kissing goats than sit by her too. She's scary!

BITR Country Girl said...

I'm visiting from the SITS blog. Your little guys are super cute! I'm guessing it was a good day at the petting zoo?!

Paige said...

My house could be a petting zoo almost- but for some reason, little bitty kids loving on animals is way more charming than me cleaning stalls. Looks like they had a great day

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