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Monday, September 22, 2008

Please Vote for Kaylee!!!

Hi everyone I have a REALLY cute cousin that is pregnant with her 1st baby.
Her sweet husband entered her in a local radio contest (97.1 ZHT) called 
baby bump watch.
The winner gets a free Baby Babinski Nursery valued at $2000.00.

I would really like to see her win so I/We need all the help we can get.
Please go HERE to vote for her.

Click the "Vote Now" button it should load a page with a bunch of entry #'s.
She is #166, after you click on her entry # it makes you enter your email to validate your vote, so when you receive an email from them you click a link within the email to submit your vote & your done.

It sounds a lot more confusing than it actually is.
Please help us out so she can win an awesome nursery.
She deserves it!!!

She is 25 weeks in this picture.
She's due Jan 3 2009.
Is she not the cutest pregnant woman!!!


Marla said...

I voted! Your Halloween background is very cute!

Dawn@Embracing the Ordinary Life said...

I wanted to thank you for stopping by my place yesterday!! BTW Great picture...I'll go vote too!!

gingela5 said...

It's done! And I wouldn't mind looking like her now without being pregnant!

TinaBug said...

You've got my vote! And i agree with Gingela5 - I wouldn't mind looking like her now either! Hope you are having a good Tuesday!

~Trish~ said...

Wouldnt that be cool if she had the baby early and had the first baby of the year too?? LOL keep wishing right?? Thanks for stopping by my blog last week when I was the featured blogger, I am STILL trying to catch up on all the comments :)

Kimberly said...

I hope she wins...She has my vote!

Hide.. Literally! said...

I voted - I think it's awesome. Way to be supportive T, oh by the way I want you to teach me how to make my page cute, but not halloweeny..

Love ya

Rhiana said...

Ok, the twilight video is so funny! Although the dancing and outfits are a little scarey for this early in the morning.

Meaghan said...

absolutely beautiful :) What a great picture, I want the sweater!


Meaghan said...

I just voted

John Deere Mom said...

That is about the CUTEST pregnant belly I have ever seen!!!

Shanda said...

She is so cute! I too love the Halloween background.

Aimie said...

Hey Tina it's your birthday I hope you party like it's your birthday!

Have great day!

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