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Friday, September 5, 2008

A walk down hair lane.

Since I just attended my 20 year reunion 
(had a blast see previous post)
I though it might be fun to share a walk down
hair lane.

My good friend / sister Heidi did something similar a while back and I though it would be fun to do my own version so here goes.......

By the way it is ok to laugh I do all the time.
If you can't laugh at yourself then you can't laugh at others.
Enjoy at my expense!

I didn't have much                                             After a little time
hair as a baby.                                                     I got more.

           What little girl of the 70's didn't
           have pig tails like these?

Such a sweet little girl.

It's long now.                                                  Kindergarten Picture.
It's ok to start                                         I think this was my 
laughing now.                                         Nellie Olsen look.

Me & my younger brothers                    I believe this was 7th grade
& sister.  6th grade I think.                                        

9th grade I think I was                      Beginning of 10th grade
wearing black parachute                   Love the stretch pants w/stirups
pants!!!                                                 & high heels.  Nice feathered hair.

End of 10th grade I decided I                  My New Wave hair style.
didn't want to look like everyone          Please note the tail on 
else, so I shaved my head.                       the left side.

              Senior year I grew my hair 
              back out.  Me & my little sis.
              Do you think I have enough 
I know by now your                            make up on?
rolling on the floor.
I'm ok with that.

Ahhh...The Auqua Net days!                      Gotta love the hair wave!!!
I was 18 here.                                                   There's a banana clip 
                                                                              in the back.
The frizzy perm look.                            Gotta love the Glamour Shot!
I was 19 here.                                                               

And I cut it off again.                                Growing it back out.
Where exactly were my                            This ones not to bad.
Family & Friends? 

And it's long again & I was                        Still long 28 years old.
6 months preg. here.

It's ok if your still laughing.                           And I cut it off again!!!
This was great hair back in                            I liked this style, but short
 the day!!!                                                            hair is hard for me to do.

                            Long again!

Growing it out again!

Here I'm light on top                        My favorite engagement pic!
& dark underneath.                           This is the lightest I've ever gone.
And look how tan I am!                    I went back dark for the wedding.
I'm 35 here.

   And I cut it off again!!!
      Court, Me, Mom, Sister Heather & Sister Kristen
           I'm pregnant with the boys here.

                I'm keeping it long.
               I like it much better.

I grew it back out again.

      I must say I'm lookin pretty hot
  for being almost 38!!!

Ok you can pick yourself up off the floor now!
Please tell me your favorite styles & the ones
that you liked best on me.
I would love to hear your hair comments!!!


Tiffany said...

Okay, the Glamour Shot had me laughing out loud.

Seriously, those were pictures were great.

Tinabean said...

Tiffany who are you? Your blog is private so I don't know who you are.
I was going to check out your blog & leave you a message.

EmmaP said...

You are sooooo brave!!! I love the pigtails! And boy did those BIG BANGS bring back memories!!!

Thanks for sharing! ( Jer hanging in there???)

angie said... must have contributed to the decline in the ozone layer in a big way. I'm thinking you were a huge consumer of Aqua net.......awesome hair! :)

Brian Family said...

Holy Cow Tina I am seriously cracking up! I love the many looks of Tina!! You are so cute, none of them are really that bad!! You always looked like you were very stylish!

Hide.. Literally! said...

My favorite is the one in the red shirt holding the baby - and the one with the baby below it. You're beautiful no matter how your hair looks. I saw the picture with my sister on it and thought - look at that girl in the pink she has funky hair and then realized it was my sister. How rude!!

Love Ya T -

Jana and Family said...

Love the way you ended it! Was laughing out loud and made my kids think I had really lost it! I love your engagement pix and the one with you holding the baby with the shorter hair! Those have to be my favs. Oh and you new wave hair from Sophmore yr! I still remember that hair if I close my eyes I don't even have to have a pix of it. :) Thanks for the smile. Jana

Coach B. said...

I can't believe you spent all that time posting those pictures! Thanks though...they were pretty funny.

You're the best :)

Mrs. S said...

I really like your long hair but in the right styles you can pull off short hair, too.
But wow, you've gotten more beautiful as you've gotten older, that doesn't happen except to people like Teri Hatcher. You're blessed, my dear!

Aimie said...

Love it Tina, it's so funny you can tell the era by the hair. I had my mod look as well. I had long bangs over my eyes and I put so much sun in to make them blonde they broke off. I had to steal your ute helmet. I had looked for a ute widget and yours was better. Awesome Ute postcard make sure Derrek sees it. Hopefully we will see you at the cabin Saturday. It is Zoey's 7th birthday and my dads is tomorrow, and by brother Wades (passed away) is today. Sept is a busy month for B-days!

Lisa Petrarca said...

YOU ARE BRAVE & MY HERO! I don't know if I could EVER post all of my do's!

I love the New Ro hair, cracked me up...tons of my friends had that look. But I have the EXACT same head on the cowgirl sexy body pic...LOL!

My husband has it hanging in the garage...yep it's a VERY sexy look!!!

Sass said...

You are one gutsy chick! :-)

I personally loved all the 80's hair. I, too, was a victim of that era.

I think I even had a she-mullet at one point.

Thanks for sharing!!!


Rela Pantaleon-Manigsaca said...

I like low maintenance hair...I was never great at making my hair rise with Aquanet

... and you do look good in straight hair - short or long. So those are my favorites.

Britt said...

Great pictures! I loved the flashback :o)

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