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Friday, July 18, 2008

6 Random Things About Me

Tiffany (Mrs. R) has tagged me with 
6 Random things about me.

Thanks Tiffany now I have to use my brain & do some thinking. =)
let's see 6 things.......thinking.........thinking...........ok

1. I never keep my hair the same for more than 2 hair appointments
(I get bored with the same color)

2. I've had gel nails on for so long I can't remember what my hands look like with out them.
(I'm not finding out soon either)

3. I love to rough house with my boys & chase them around the house.

4. I used to have the side of my head shaved in High School
(Ya really, not very pretty)

5. I absolutely LOVE having twin boys.
(They are so much fun)

6. I look forward to the day when Tiffany & Heather are on Oprah promoting SITS!!!

Now I'm tagging Bonnie, Tiff, Kelsey, Angie, Nikki, & Meagan!!!

Ok girls post 6 random things about you!!!


Bonnie the Boss said...

Thanks Tina!! I remember that hair cut, in fact my kids were commenting on it the other day. High School hair, not one of our finer moments.

Brett & Nikki said...

Great. Ive been running around not knowing which way to go. I don't even know who I am any more! I guess this will help me find myself. Thanks.
Love Ya

Tiffany said...

I love that you change your hair as much as I do.

And, I can't wait 'til I am on Oprah too... we will fill the audience with SITStas and take over Chicago.

Have fun on your trip!!!

Are You Serious! said...

♡ I can't believe you had your head partly shaved! :)

Great randoms! :)

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