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Friday, July 18, 2008

To all of my friends out there who may miss me if I were to leave for a few days, well.
I'm leaving for a few days.........
It's OK don't panic, stop running around screaming "Now what am I going to do".
I will return, I'll be back on sunday.
I'm going on a big family camp out with my family, my brothers & sisters & all of my Aunts, Uncles & Cousins.
I'm looking forward to a good time I haven't been camping for ever.
Wish me luck with my 2 little monsters I may need a good massage when I get back.
Good thing the Hubby got us massages at the sego lilly (local day spa) for our anniversary I'm afraid I'm really going to need it when this weekend is over!!!
Miss me when I'm gone PLEASE (at least a little bit).
I'll return with some good stories to tell & pictures to share!!!


Anonymous said...

I miss you Tina - And I miss my nephews and my niece, Heather and Shane. I tell ya these family reunion campouts are good for some bad for others.. I'll stare at the ceiling this weekend hoping your all have a brilliant time, wondering what I should do next.. You are missed sunshine, always! :)
Love, Heidi

Lindseylou said...

Sounds exciting, hope you have a blast. Feel free to stop in and visit whenever. I'm thinking Chrystal will not be joining the ranks of our fellow bloggers so I will just post for her:)
Think I went to school with your hubby...congrats - isn't it great to have a second chance at love and life?

Brett & Nikki said...

I am so sad we couldn't go. That's all i had been thinking bout for the last month. Hope you all have fun. Tell us all bout it.
Love Ya

Coach B. said...

We weren't able to go. I had a private party and a show. I hope it was fun...can't wait for the pictures.

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