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Friday, July 11, 2008

Hi SITStas!!!!! 
Thanks for stopping by my blog I'm SOOOOOOOOOO
EXCITED to be on the saucy bog list this week!
I'd like to welcome everyone.
Please make yourself at home & don't worry about making a mess as you can see I have 14 month twins so you can't make it worse than it is.
Please excuse me for not having a spread ready & waiting for you all.
Maybe we could make one together.
Please browse around, stay as long as you like & PLEASE PLEASE
leave me a message before you go I promise I will do my best to get back to each & everyone of you I LOVE to make new friends so PLEASE comment.
Thank You your SITSta Tinabean!!!


Tracy P. said...

Hey Tina! Stopped by from SITS. I have never seen scrapblog before and it is quite a find, so THANKS! I've been using Smilebox, and I LOVE it, but when you embed it in your blog, rather than running it on your blog, it links you to the book on the smilebox site. This is much better from a blogging standpoint. Nice to meet you!

LaQuintamomof3 said...

From SITS- your site is beautiful. I am enjoying reading...
Thanks for sharing- beatiful family.

Nonna said...

Stopping by from SITS. I love your blog! Congrats on being such a saucy blog!!

Kaza said...

Congrats on making the list, SITSta!

Perez Family Spot said...

Congrats on being a Saucy Blogger! Enjoy your week! Happy Anniversary too, ya'll are too cute! Love the wedding pics.

Tiffany said...

Hi! Just came back on over to check out the Twilight counter and obsess...

Bonnie the Boss said...

How fun for you. I never did get signed up. I hope it is fun.

Anonymous said...

I am so pathetically behind on my blogreading but I wanted to tell you congrats on being Saucy! This is a darling blog - you've done an awesome job making the digi-scrap pages of your fam!

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