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Tuesday, July 29, 2008

I'm a little slow on getting this post up but my
Sisters over at SITS is having there last giveaway this week for the six weeks of summer contest.
This week it's an Ipod 4G Nano (Silver)

It plays up to 1,000 songs, 4 hours of video or will hold 3,500 pictures.
I would love to have this little baby.
If your not familiar with SITS then click HERE & go check them out.
Make sure you tell them I sent you & I will get an extra entry.


Kellan said...

Cool - thanks!

Have good day - Kellan

angie said...

Good luck. I hope someone I "know" wins it!

H said...

Hey Sunshine -

I work at a transmission shop in NSL - I don't think you'd want to make that long of a trip for the Dodge. But There are lots of good places closer to you. Cheaper but decent places like Tunex or anywhere that warranties their work is always a good thing. Sorry, not much help am I? ;)

Steve said...

Hey girl. . .Your blog is so cute. I know I'm just learning the whole blog thing. I'm not a PROFESSIONAL like you!

Check back soon I'll have some updates.

Looks like your having a fun summer.

Melissa and Brady said...

Hey Tina. . .How FUNNY. THAT STEVE GUY above is out of CONTROL. Just kidding it was me. My friend is here visiting from Washington. We were on her blog and then I wanted to leave you a message, so I did and guess what IT WAS STEVE. Too funny. So think of STEVE as ME!!!

Tiffany said...

Came by cause tomorrow is a big day!!! We are going to a midnight release party at a local bookstore.. I have the first 300 pages from a friend, but won't be able to enjoy them tonigh.. ugh.

So, let's blog on Monday. I can't believe we will have the answers!!

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