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Thursday, May 8, 2008

I have been Tagged!!!
Ok Bonnie this one is for you!
Sorry it's taken me so long, but here goes...
By the way thanks for making me think so hard ;)

4 things I was doing 10 years ago 1998.

=) I had 2 kids (Courtnie 6 & cody 3),

=) I was going through my divorce with the kids Dad.
     (we're good friends now, works out great for our kids).

=) I Re-met my 2nd husband Steve Williams (We went to Jr High & High School together)
     We were never friends in school so the thought of him asking me out was insane
     to me. (He was really popular & I wasn't).  But one thing I've learned
     people change after High School, usually for the best.

=) My 10 year High School Reunion, But I didn't go. (Wish I would have though).

4 things I was doing 5 years ago 2003.

=) I was taking care of a sick husband with Cancer.

=) Started working as the office manager at Ogden Bay Realty. 
     (My 1st desk job ever, I've always had physical labor jobs
     pretty much my whole working career).

=) Lived in Plain City, I really liked it out there but it's so far away from everything.

=) Courtnie was playing comp soccer so we were back and forth with games and 
     practices all the time.


4 shows I love to watch.

=) Good Things Utah

=) Grey's Anatomy

=) Desperate house wives

=)Brother's & Sisters


4 things that make me happy.

=) My Amazing Husband Jeremy!!! =)

=) My 4 amazing kids & my family

=) Reading a good book

=) Mt. Dew. ;)

I think that pretty much covers it, if you have questions please ask!!!



Bonnie said...

Thanks Tina, I am glad you finally did that. You will be glad in another 10 years that you did it too. It was fun for me to read.

Wright said...

Hey girl! We love your blog--you are right,I need to update ours....Happy Bday to the little guys tomorrow! We're excited to see you all in June!

Cade & Kelsey said...

Thanks for tagging me sister, it was so fun to reflect back. It really did make me think and I lovedd hearing about your life back then.

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