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Saturday, May 31, 2008

Busy Day!

I decided to have a garage sale a few days ago so I called my sister & a few cousins to see if they wanted to do it with me.
I live on a main road in Roy so we get a lot of traffic which means that we don't have to put up signs or advertise which is really nice.
My sister came up with a couple of her friends & my cousins friend Tif came out also.
My whole front yard & drive way was covered, we had a lot of Junk (Sorry Treasures!)
We started setting up at 6:30 and finished around 1:00.
We had a ton of people show up.
 My sisters friend erin raked in the dough.
She had a ton of baby girl clothes 0-24 months and I bet at least 1/2 of them still had the tags on them.
Most of her clothes were from places like Old Navy, The Children's Place, & the Gap.
(You know the little bit more expensive stores).
She had such cute stuff I think she made just a little over $400.00 just on her clothes.
It was fun to just hang out with the girls and catch a tan (Sorry a Sunburn)
(I guess I didn't pay very good attention to Are you serious's blog posting on her garage sale sunburn).
We had a good time anyways, & I made a couple hundred  =)
(Bonnie I couldn't sell your dad anything).

I tried to take a nap when it was all over & cleaned up but those of you with babies know that wasn't happening.  Especially with twins.
So I decided to grab my sweet husband and the boys and go for a walk up at Bues's pond to feed the ducks.
This was a first for the boys and they were mesmerized by the ducks swimming & quaking all over the place.

They were so cute just watching them.
There is nothing like a childs first experience...
Here are some fun pics of our fun little walk.

Little man has had a bad day today & just wanted to be held.
He wouldn't let us get any pictures of him without him crying.
Most the pictures are of my big man Gage.

3 of the 4 men in my life.
I had to do some bunny hops to get little man laughing for this picture.

 By the time we left the boy's were tuckered out!


Are You Serious! said...

♡ I'm glad your sale went well! :)

How fun to have friend/family there with you!!! :)

Bonnie said...

I need to come squish on those two little ones soon. They are so cute. I'll bet you didn't know your bishop was a yard sale freak. He cracks me up. Sorry he wouldn't buy anything.

Derrek, Jessica and Dyson said...

The twins are so cute and I bet they are into everything!! Dyson is just starting to ruin things.
Derrek is doing great. Its a stressful situations but very exciting. Hopefully it works out but we will just have to wait and see.
By the way I love that you are always posting it is so fun to see what you are up to.

Brian Family said...

Good job on the yard sale, extra cash is always good. Ok so I have never been to Bues Pond and I totally want to go there - it looks awesome!!

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