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Friday, May 23, 2008

Grandma & Grandpa Ray

Since it's Memorial Weekend I would like to do a little tribute to my Grandpa & Grandma Ray (Grandma Lola & Grandpa Don).
My Mom's Parents.

Young & in Love.

They are so Cute.
Wedding Bells.

This picture was taken at there 50th Wedding Anniversary Party.
They are just so cute and so sweet.

They're professional 50th Anniversary Picture.

This picture was taken not long before my Grandpa passed away he loved to work out in his yard and that's where you would usually find him.
Some fun memories of him are:
Tickling his back for a Quarter (that was big money back in the day)
or walking on his back.  
I remember him having a big bag of salted peanuts that you had to shell yourself.
He loved the babies and loved to cuddle & nap with them.
I remember him always working on some ones car that needed to be fixed or tuned up.
He almost always had a toothpick or a wood match in his mouth.
Poor Grandpa ALWAYS got picked on, we would curl his hair, put makeup on him, put medicine cups (like off cough med) on his ears or those old pony tail holders with the balls on the end of them, we'd bend his ears together & put them on.
He took a lot of teasing & crap but he never got mad at us.
The one thing I will always remember is his SMILE.

This is my sweet Grandma.
The things I remember the most about her are:
Her cooking, nothing tastes like Grandma's cooking.
If it wasn't for her I wouldn't know how to cook.
She taught me that dill pickles are really good in scrambled eggs.
(Before you get all grossed out you better try it!)
She taught me to cross stitch & tried to teach me how to make dish rags, but I never really got that one it was easier to just have her make them for me.
Sometimes she was the instigator for the punishment Grandpa took from us.
I remember her helping me get my 1st job at 15  working with her at a convenient store (Good old Corner 44) we had a lot of fun there.
She was a strong Lady and a honest Lady, she taught me to just be me & nothing else matters.
The one thing I will remember the most about her is her HEART.

(From left to right ~ Aunt Janet, Aunt Jeanie, Uncle Brent, Uncle Don, (Mom) Susan & Aunt Linda.
They may be gone now but never forgotten they leave behind them a LEGACY.....A  STRONG FAMILY!!! 
Because of them we have these very special people in all of our lives to guide and teach us what they were taught, it doesn't get better than that!!!
They leave behind 25 Grand Kids & 38 Great Grand Kids.
No Great Greats yet...(Thank goodness since mine are the oldest & old enough right now, I'm just not ready to be a Grandma yet!! (SHIVER & CHILLS).
They may be gone from our eyes but they will never be gone from our hearts & our memories.
I will see you again someday until then I Love You Grandma & Grandpa!!! 


Are You Serious! said...

♡ Great pictures!!!

Brett & Nikki said...

Im so blessed and proud to be a part of this loving. Too bad I had to marry your bro to do it. Just Kidding. I guess I love him too.
love ya!

Bonnie said...

So sweet I am sure you miss them a ton. They were great people.

Cade & Kelsey said...

LOVE the pics. Goll some of those pics of Grandma back in the day look a lot like my mom, I've never noticed it before. They were so cute, I miss them all the time.

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