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Sunday, May 18, 2008

Going Away BBQ

Today we had a BBQ for my Dad, Step Mom & Grandpa T.
They are moving to Wisconsin so we had a going away BBQ for them.
We had a lot of fun my family loves to play volleyball so of course the net had to go up.
We had lots of good food & good times talking with each other & hanging out.
I Love my FAMILY!!!

Here are some Random pics of everyone playin' Volleyball.

They are all so CUTE!!!
This is my Cute Little Grandpa!!!
Me and my Dad....Do you think we look alike?
Some Pictures of the Boys...
They pulled the tomatoes off the table...Yummy!!!

~They see me Rollin ~ 
~They Hatin ~ Patrolling  tryin to catch me Ridin Dirty...~

We Broke Down, Gotta Push!!!
"What good are older cousins if you can't get them to help?"

Time To........
Teeter Totter!!!
& Swing
Swing, Swing!!!
And for Gage....
Get as dirty as he can!!!
(Kelton didn't really like the sand box).
But it's OK!!!

Because he Cleaned Himself up in aunt Kristen's Waterfall.
I'm tellin ya this kid Loves the water I'm in TROUBLE!!!

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Are You Serious! said...

♡ You do looks like your dad! It looks like so much fun! Sorry to hear that they're moving so far away... That would be hard!

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