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Sunday, May 25, 2008

Serious Aggravation.

(I was gonna post this yesterday but I got sick & I wanted to add a pic).
Ever since the boys got mobile I always have the best intention of going to church & staying there for all my classes.
But like today for instance we made it until just after sacrament and we(husband & I) had to take the boys out in the hall because they are just to noisy (we always sit in the back overflow) and they like to be social with everyone around us, I know this probably doesn't really bother everyone else as much as it bothers me but I feel like we're disrupting the entire ward.
So we make it through sacrament (out in the hall, thank goodness for the speakers) and head to sunday school.  We'll the class is so small & we're so cramped in there that after a few attempts at that we don't even try unless grandpa is visiting our ward (he's on the high counsel) he helps out & the boys will usually sit & play with him.  
Today I knew better than to even try they were both wanting to be down & on the go.  So needless to say after fighting with them in the hall some more and the fact that it was nap time & they'll only sleep in there beds, (which is a good thing when we're home but makes it hard for naps on the go) we just decided to come home and put them down.  I really wish that they would do sunday school 2nd and relief society 1st I really love relief society but by that time the boys are usually done & I end up leaving half way through. 
So does anyone have any suggestions or any helpful advice?
I would really like to go to church & actually be able to sit & enjoy all my classes & sacrament.
I'm exhausted right now.


Bonnie said...

They are so cute. My only advice is to hang in there. Also have a bag of toys they only see on Sunday. I can't remember what time your church is. Maybe you and hubby can take turns. One week he takes them home. Next week your turn. We didn't take the twins to church for 3 years because of RSV. We had to take turns. It is over now. Sometimes I wish I had a good excuse to miss RS.

Brett & Nikki said...

I wish that I could give you some GOOD advice but I have none . I have enough trouble with my little man. Every Saturday night he says that he is sick and can't go to church in the a.m. and get his friends sick. He already hates church and he's only 4. I too wish I had an excuse to miss at times.
What time do you go? maybe we can take them one ce in awhile for you.It might be easier for Ethan to go too.
Let me know.

Cade & Kelsey said...

I have no clue how you do it with two. Church is no longer a spiritual experience for me (I go because I know its the right thing to do and I'll be blessed for it). I agree though, I wish Relief Society was before Sunday School because by Sunday School we are in the hall the whole time. Good luck, if you get any helpful advise, please share.

Are You Serious! said...

♡ We tried sitting in the over flow area and it was worse for our twins. It was easier to "contain" them on the benches. We always brought snacks and tons of toys and then if all else fails one of us would have to take one out and usually when one was out then one stuck in the chapel was pretty good. But things changed with each sunday... LIke Bonnie said hang in there!!! It does get better as they get older! :)

The Wrights said...

Hey Tina! I'll e-mail you some ideas for Powell k?! Love ya

Leeann said...

Hey Tina-Thanks for stopping by my blog! I love meeting new friends!
I, too, would love some good ideas on sacrament. We have made it through ONE sacrament in the last 3 or so years. My older two (6 years old and 5 years old) are fine. I bring them coloring books and all is well.
My younger two (3 years old and 2 years old) are CRAZY! I know we should go...that's the only way they will get used to it...but it is so stressful, that I just don't want to do it! Most of the time we go to classes and then skip out. There is always that "someone" in the ward that has to give you the evil eye...obviously forgetting what it was like to go to church with a very young family.

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